Ai Qing some questions about SNS community marketing solutions

what is SNS community marketing

SNS community marketing is the enterprise through the Internet platform, like the happy net, social networking sites like this, is what we often say that the SNS community, with text, pictures and video live way users to maintain communication and exchanges, and promote their brand information and brand released hot news events, so that the relevant information users of a deeper understanding of the brand, in order to achieve the SNS community marketing effect, many enterprises are now in such marketing, this marketing model has become increasingly common.

SNS community marketing will encounter problems and solutions

SNS community marketing will encounter what problem?? let’s look at these important questions, Yiqing welcome Paizhuan ~~~

1 original

portal or forum or to tell the truth, the original things are the best, because the search engines love original things, and users love the original things, because the monotony of things, whether it is for the user or for the search engine is very boring, so is the original selling point. The original can bring new vitality to the original site, so can be said to be "Gabriel no harm".

: this paragraph is belong to me or the team for all cases that the ownership of the site, because it can get more traffic, is helpful to improve website ranking, website traffic. So if the SNS community marketing is only for their own products to promote it? The above theory is also adapted to it?

AI can clearly tell you: the above theory is not suitable for the following aspects can be seen from the original is not suitable for:

1) spend time

a good original article at least 2 hours to complete. Then you have to work 2 hours a day to finish the work. If a good point, the above time may be shorter, if writing is a little bad, the time is more, so the amount of time spent in writing the above, other work will not delay or give up.

2) promotion aspects

SNS community promotion, there are two essential: one is to find the relevant community; another is related to the popularity of the community.

so I just released a promotion articles in the relevant community, and we don’t go to the promotion, as long as the community of active users, we must promote the article will also have the corresponding page views, we promote the article also reached the corresponding effect. Here and whether our promotion article is original.

synthesis concluded above – SNS community marketing does not require the original article.

PS: AI said that the original article does not need, not

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