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Since the entry of

, I have been working as a product manager to the mobile client site, which is what we often say WebApp. Contact for a long time, the WebApp product form has a lot of understanding and sentiment, here to share with you. Hope to have a job in the direction of the students need to bring some help.


Comparison between

WebApp and NativeApp

this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the analysis of online search a lot, I believe that as long as a qualified mobile product manager, this question can be answered by pretty close. So on WebApp and NativeApp, I just want to talk about one thing, that is the biggest gap between them: NativeApp need to download and install, and WebApp does not need.

at first I thought it was WebApp’s advantage, and later found myself really too young too simple. Originally this world, you in some aspects of the advantages, will become the bane of buried in another place. The first time using NativeApp threshold is high, but once downloaded, products can obtain a stable entrance in the user’s mobile phone desktop, as long as it does not uninstall, users and products may have a lasting connection, it is impossible to WebApp. In practical work, I found that through the mobile browser to save the site on the desktop feature, 90% of users will not, or not used to.

Although the

WebApp in the convenience of winning, but in the entrance of the most important thing is lost completely. In the past, the industry has been talking about the dispute between WebApp and NativeApp who wins who is now no doubt that NativeApp overwhelmed WebApp, mobile browser is no longer the most important mobile Internet portal. The intelligent mobile phone era to the present, the user’s habits has basically been established, personally think that the chance is not WebApp.

why do WebApp

Web client and the client is the two most typical form of the Internet, PC era Web more powerful, the era of smart phones is more mainstream client. In the different historical period there will be a strong and weak pattern, but no one has the ability to beat the other party, it will destroy each other, creating a new product form (Hybrid APP).

so, even if it is not the mainstream, WebApp still has its living space, but also to live well. This is my current work is still engaged in the significance of WebApp products. So, what areas and scenarios are suitable for the development of WebApp? My experience is: light experience, light entrance, re dissemination, re conversion.

how do you understand it? That is, the product object

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