50 summary line operators micro blog down

two months, 60 days,, micro-blog, micro-blog. What is not the truth, nor what the industry access, just take yourself, not on behalf of any organization or group, Kanguan free brick. 50, slowly look.


what is the interaction between micro-blog internal reply and micro-blog keyword search reply and so on to explain the interaction is called, and feel that this is more suitable for customer service, chat is not a strict sense of interaction. Think carefully, the interaction is the first to mobilize the emotions of the user and then he co created the process

1, operating purpose is the dissemination of information, the ultimate goal is to reach the precise center, assume an important role is the tipping point, a commonplace talk of an old scholar is not fresh. That precise reach, precise to arrive first to clear their object to reach the tipping point, determined to enter the circle. Grassroots account forwarding forwarding can not talk about precision, up to a wide range of coverage. Today, the people can not do a good job of precision technology, so we change ideas, money spent on local.

2, everyone has tangled business models and ideas, scratching his head to think about three days, ask the gods did not get any conclusions. Confused, think micro-blog is not good, activity decreased, then others a case to draw his face, very painful. At the start of the deviation is run which side, think about what is the clear, which is micro-blog who do really not your 10 Fen relationship, man is also special love gossip.

3, write a daily micro-blog content is not easy to say what was finishing, the tone of what, how to insert keywords, by changing the tone and words to adjust the direction of the network language, and then with a figurativelanguage map, finally to sort out a look, read a funny taste micro-blog. This thing is really not easy, one hour to get a very good. A repeated micro-blog has feelings, really.

4, the industry’s most people have started to say blue V micro-blog pictures, with the unwritten criteria. How? Photograph, vulnerable and Baidu can not afford the canopy even if the size of these basic elements; the picture must comply with, 440*x; different tonal content has a material source, probably in the wall; search will search to the right, not simple, the best way is to not stop change the keywords, such as Du teacher – – liar cheat.

5, the interaction term in each big forum salon was shouting loudly, return the words themselves, what is the interaction? Micro-blog and micro-blog keyword search in reply reply and so called interactive interpretation and so on, think this is more suitable for customer service, interactive chat is not in the strict sense. Think carefully, interaction is the first to mobilize the emotions of the user to create a process with him again. XX interactive company wants to convey the meaning of creative interaction, not customer service.

Several layers of

6, an administrative micro-blog from its basic attributes are corresponding to the industry circle, circle the target users, industry opinion leaders circle. Extended attributes >

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