No Baidu rely on an all powerful soft promotion website

hehe. Just contact the site, I do is a movie station. Like the Baidu search, no ten thousand is eight thousand, I like this just inside the food (let rookie eat) do not understand what pull. How do I promote it!

night nothing to look at the next. See article < inventory after 80 favorite ten sites > an idea to collapse out ~ ~ ha ha, the top ten sites, if there is a big. The flow will not come. Say to do. So I Baidu search ten website article 90 of the love, let me change it again. Ha-ha。 Put your own website in. Don’t you have my website is the four seasons cinema, but I want to how to let others have the idea to click on it, hey hey! Play is a mystery so I’ll write the ad: " like four seasons? Why?

have to look at their own to know ~~~~~

ad think good, so this in where? There is also a little bit of knowledge, most people see things the most attention is the beginning and the end, as we write the composition of college entrance examination, marking the teacher generally look at the front and back, I chose this as if behind < safety. Make people feel better >

article written. I went to the forum to send, I sent to the irrigation area, because this area is the most popular, but it! If no one on the top of the sinking fast, so I go back half an hour later.

finally, the most important is the name of the site, such as I am throughout the theater, so I wrote above is the four seasons, so people feel very formal and not like a


well, I now send this article soft Wen!

is now in 2009, 80 is the father and mother level, 85 soon after will feel old, we are only 90 youth, some time ago to see a "ten 80 favorite websites" bean spread on the post, to the spirits, 90 of us after the application and popularization of the network computer universal storm, we will love what the website? I check below as the ten website 90 favorite, of course this is purely personal point of view, offer.

1, Tianya

love you? Why? A long time ago, often see the word from someone Tianya Blog, click after the past hope for love it. The horizon is omnipotent ~ ~ the horizon of the talented people is too much ~

2 constellation

like the constellation? Why? Because we like the constellation, the constellation network can not only look at the signs to play the test to make friends and can also buy things, especially the constellation of the recent launch of the constellation

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