On the development opportunities and marketing planning of local pet website community

In fact, this article

idea already, a webmaster friends from my very best in more than a year ago to discuss about the local pet website and community operations, after the discussion and analysis of the US, believe that the market is still very large, even if the individual has been started early, to a certain scale of development of such sites and communities, but the market is still not developed enough to support a group of local owners, said, after some planning, he immediately started at the local, now more than a year in the past, the local community and his pet website operation has become the local famous brand. Recently, then contact about the status quo, let me remember this kind of site some thinking and planning, today write out for you.

on the local pet website and community opportunities: we all know that, even for the working capital and team requirements are very strong recruitment website, even if there were a few giants, but still can not stop the local recruitment site in the local success. For the unity of the recruitment website than pet sites and communities, even more has several large successful sites, but still can not be monopolized, especially exchanges and buying pets are subject to geographical restrictions, provided a rare opportunity for the development of local, such sites webmaster so if you have more local pets, but there is no special local pet online transactions, exchange site, so you can do the station look into this area, seize the local "first mover advantage". With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the development of a number of only children can not accompany the development of parents at home, people’s demand for pets is bound to rise rapidly, providing a guarantee for the prosperity of the market.


decided to start running a local pet site, according to user needs and habits to set up the corresponding site model, one is the online information display, picture display and message consulting website, two is the forum site has the advantages of convenient communication, the two forms of the site types can satisfy the actual demand for pet lovers. The following talk about how to carry out a full range of pet type site marketing, from operations, promotion to one by one analysis:

1 site operators for the operation and development of local sites, to fully rely on the support and management of local users, especially the forum’s operations, to actively select and effect the user to do the webmaster, it can stimulate users on the forum management, enthusiasm, and through word-of-mouth help website promotion. The content of the web site is dominated by a pet topic, taking into account the local life and daily communication and enhance the user cohesion of the topic, in order to deepen the forum attractive to users, owners should also be time to plan various forums online and offline activities, strengthen the centripetal force of the forum at the same time, the process can use to promote the purpose of the forum held. In addition, the layout of the site, we should take full care of different age levels and different levels of computer users, in order to be simple and easy to use, to prevent into the good-looking but not easy

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