An analysis on the design standard of enterprise marketing website

five years ago, do enterprise web standards of traditional industries, is relatively simple, but also the content is relatively small, for example, about our honor, product center etc, and the layout is relatively simple. The most important thing is that in the past most companies do not understand the knowledge of network marketing, the feeling of doing a website is to prove that their company has a web site, enter the URL to search online.

They think that the concept of

and online display site is basically the same, then did not want to sell their products in the website, through the establishment of a marketing type website, let yourself fix the customer site. So, what kind of website can achieve the standard of website of sale type?


first, the United States navigation clear layout

navigation plays an important role in the website, it is able to decide the fate of the user. I said that the United States navigation means that the design must be clear, beautiful, generous. Navigation guide the user to enter a different column, if the customer to see the first look is very difficult, then, this navigation is a little problem.

The layout of the

site not only affects the user’s habits, but it also affects the search engine crawl habits, clear site layout allows users to browse unobstructed, can quickly find what you want. But also allows the search engine crawler to crawl the site information with the fastest speed, this improvement will make the site more attractive.

second, front of the design to catch the eye

The first impression is very important after

users enter a website. It is like a person to person contact, if the first look very comfortable, may be willing to communicate with this person. The same is true of the site, the first to see the site looks good, with good color, frame structure, the user will stay a few seconds to browse the site, and ultimately into their own customers.

of course, it’s easy to say, but it’s not that easy. Because different user preferences are not the same, they are more sensitive to color. We want the first time to seize the user’s heart, you need to spend more time to study the user psychology, user experience, color and other aspects of the knowledge, the real design of the site users like.

third, page loading speed

refers to the speed of Web loading, I feel very deep. I personally have a habit of browsing the web site, when I search some information from the Internet, the time to enter a web site will be closed for more than five seconds, if I do not want to see this site.


page section speed determines the user or to a certain extent, to complete the user trust in you in a short period of time, you will need to open the site in a short period of time, let the user browsing time is a kind of enjoyment, not a kind of torture.

fourth, the establishment of mobile web

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