The first DDoS attacks of hackers cracked a variety of online games has suffered attacks

was attacked, the perfect time of official website announcement

yesterday afternoon, the police held a news conference in Haidian, announced a cracked DDOS (by blocking the server bandwidth attack method) means to implement the hacker attacks. This is the first time the police successfully cracked the case.

began in April of this year, a hacker attack frenzy swept Lianzhong, perfect time and other domestic large network game company. Attack caused economic losses of tens of millions of dollars.

hackers using DDOS attack means, in a short time, sending large amounts of data caused by network congestion. After committing the crime, then disappeared in the network.

online game company was attacked

on the evening of June 10th, Beijing, Haidian District, the perfect time for the company headquarters suffered hacker attacks. The company’s technical staff found the first exception, a large number of attack data suddenly came from the Internet, rushed to the company’s Web site domain name server, then the site can not be opened paralysis.

technical personnel immediately for maintenance and defense, but the attack data unabated. June 11th afternoon, the total attack traffic has exceeded 100G. Monday (11) morning to the unit, the work has stalled, we are talking about hacking." A company employee said.

at this time in addition to the site, the perfect time and space company’s 4 large-scale online games can not be carried out properly, the network recharge system off. A large number of players want to log on to the official forum to ask the situation, but found that the forum has been unable to open.

June 11th, experts at the University of Science and Technology Beijing network technology center to help companies resist attacks. In the evening, the attack frenzy gradually faded, the site returned to normal, the game server re operation.

attack frenzy disastrous. Due to the recharge system and the game can not operate, the perfect time and space for a loss of up to millions of dollars.

June 11th afternoon, the perfect time to release an official statement of the company, said the largest hacker attack in the history of China’s network in the early morning of June 11th staged".

police investigation targeting

"attack is not the first time." The perfect time of staff said, after a similar small scale attacks have occurred two times, in June 1st, the company registered server is attacked, a lot of game player registration are affected, "organized the DDOS attack".

what is the DDOS attack? In the hacker forum, said the hacker attack also known as distributed denial of server attacks, there is no profound technical content, "as in the open street, suddenly put a lot of cars, causing serious traffic congestion".

but this is a simple and brutal way to attack the perfect time to cause serious losses to the company, in June 11th, the company reported to the police in Haidian.

Haidian police, similar attacks have occurred many times. May this year

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