MT accelerate the development of e commerce

23-25 May, the Ministry held the "national e-commerce and logistics information promotion conference and national informatization of small and medium sized enterprises and industrial clusters to promote integration of the two Congress, electronic commerce will usher in accelerated development period of strategic opportunities has become the consensus of the participants.


conference pointed out the need to accelerate the development of e-commerce, promote the integration of logistics informatization, informatization of small and medium sized enterprises, industrial cluster two, is an important part of the stage to promote the economic field of information technology, is the key link of industrial transformation and upgrading, to promote the transformation of economic development mode, optimize industry has very important practical significance to realize the sustainable development of economy and society structure and improve the quality and efficiency of economic operation.

12th Five-Year period, China’s industrialization, information technology, urbanization, marketization and internationalization will be further development, e-commerce is expected to accelerate the development of. At present, China’s economy is facing the low-end developed countries remanufacturing and manufacturing in emerging economies, rising labor costs in competition based costs, resource and environmental constraints such as pressure, is also facing an important change in the pattern of international trade and the connotation of manufacturing industry. Accelerate the development of information technology is the inevitable choice of China’s economic transformation and upgrading.

the Ministry said, "12th Five-Year" period, the government departments will further create a good environment, and promote the development of China’s e-commerce innovation development and standardization; strengthen the popularization and application, promote the integration of information technology and modern logistics development; actively construct the social service system, and promote the informationization of small and medium enterprises; choose the carrier. To further explore the experience of the integration of the two industrial clusters.

(source: China Securities Journal Author: Liu Xinglong)

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