nventory of the global set limit to 40 fold the latest digital domain

renamed China (eName.cn) December 10th hearing, digital domain has great potential in the application scope, the commercial value, and is among the best digital domain name stack. And take a look at the global limit of 40.COM/.CN of the number of two, the number of the number of domain name status quo?

20 digital stack domain name 8 domestic terminal station


2 digital domain stack price has burgeoned, one.COM domain name at least seven digits, more than eight digits. The domestic domain name investors @ tired has been the acquisition of 33.com, 00.com, 33.com, which has been sold under the price of 10 million yuan, while the 00.com purchase price of nearly ten million.

and 11.com and 99.com in 2013 by Netdragon acquisition, now 99.com has built game website. According to the 2011 Annual Report released by the DN highest annual list of TOP10, the domain name 11.com to $525000 (about three million yuan) to sell, ranked No. sixth.

three for the domestic terminal opened in 10 2 digital.COM, except 99.com, domain name 55.com is Wowo mall, then transfer the trading price of 5 million yuan, and the domain name 88.com, has set up 88 games. As our country domain name, 10 2 digital.CN fold domain, 22.cn, 33.cn, 55.cn, 66.cn and 88.cn have enabled website, domain name 55.cn jump to Wowo mall.

boutique 3 digital stack domain name less


as a boutique three digital domain name, the value of the AAA type naturally more expensive. Prior to the domestic domain name investors @ tired of the acquisition of overseas low-key 999.com, after the transfer to the domain name investors @ Roman Tam. The transaction price of the domain name has not been explained, but revealed that this is by far the largest sum in 2012. Another three digital domain name 333.cn was held by the tired main sale price it is reported for the number six.

although some people think that the number "4" unlucky, but the domain name 444.cn earlier in the China renamed platform at the price of 37 thousand yuan after the node shoot, sold, nearly two times the price doubled, to 90 thousand yuan transactions.

and 2 digital similar 3 digital stack in the phonological domain, also catchy, popularity at home is quite high. However, in the 10.COM domain name, there are 4 for the navigation site, the site of the 1 overseas, the establishment of the 1. In contrast,.CN domain name 111.cn, 555.cn, 888.cn have been used.

on the Chinese digital domain name has always been fond of, figures from the homonym, meaning extension >

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