Picture copyright has never been a bad business but commercial potential has been underestimated

Abstract: Mobile Internet, copyright rights is the biggest problem. However, the mobile Internet era, the trend of islanding occurs between APP, several large nodes, APP carve up the vast majority of the user’s time, thus starting from the platform level, with the opportunity to solve the copyright problem.


not long ago, today’s headlines, headlines, the platform with the domestic well-known Oriental Gallery IC officially launched "IC Gallery" Gallery in the East, the author first pictures are open for free.

if you are a number of headlines creators, now use the headline editor to write an article in pictures only need to click the picture button to enter the IC library and enter the keyword, you can get free to genuine high-definition images, eliminating the tedious process into the map and find.

this is the first time in August this year, today announced the announcement of the first investment in eastern IC action. Simple, free photo is another product optimization, to provide more resources and convenient conditions for the formation of content creators to headlines, the production closed loop, and the output inventory of the contents of today’s headlines this application in lactation.

was only four years old, but there are already 66 million days of today’s headlines to bring the story seems to be more than just such a simple story.

new opportunities for mobile Internet

before the mobile Internet, copyright is a basic chart of 2B business, copyright agents selling objects, mostly marketing media, advertising company.

and now, nearly 900 million of China Mobile Internet users, there are 4 million sites, the total number of APP reached 3 million. More importantly, the content of entrepreneurial boom, the emergence of a number of WeChat public numbers and headlines today from the media account. These areas of the picture copyright market is still blank.

Before the

mobile Internet, the biggest problem is the copyright rights chart, but the mobile Internet era, the emergence of the island tendency between APP, APP several nodes carved up most of the time users, thus starting from the platform level, has been able to solve the copyright problems for.

The purchase of

map based mainly on the B side, so the general operation flow is the first platform to call to consult, and then be signed, or annual pay — the current default transaction efficiency in this industry is so. However, such a complex process in the face of the C side of the end of the media users will become less effective.

and today’s headlines this will be incorporated into the picture library entrance interface, integrated transaction process, it can be said that the future of more pictures to try to pave the way for copyright commercialization.

addition, as the country’s largest content creation and distribution platform, today’s headlines 350 thousand headline author is actually a picture of potential demand. This time they launch a gallery only headlines platform using and mark the watermark, in fact.

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