The fastest growing global domain name resolution Top10 China only 51DNS list

IDC network ( on 01 August 07 reports: according to the real-time data released by DailyChanges, as of June 30, 2014, in the top ten of the world’s fastest growing home DNS service providers, Chinese only a list, 51DNS ranked eighth. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the detailed statistical statements.

  (Figure 1) the fastest growing domain name resolution provider Top10

as shown in Figure 1, in June 30th, the largest increase in the ten domain DNS service providers are: WORLDNIC.COM, AFTERNIC.COM, NAMEBRIGHTDNS.COM, PARKINGCREW.NET, FOUNDATIONAPI.COM, ZTOMY.COM, ADECHO.COM, 51DNS, NAMEBRIGHTNS.COM, and ONAMAE.JP.

Among them,

domain name service provider WORLDNIC.COM net growth of 6519 to the top of the list. While the remaining 9 domain name service provider net increment of less than 3000, the larger gap.

  (Figure 2) the fastest growing domain name resolution service provider Top10 data

, as shown in Figure 2, in the world’s fastest growing ten domain name resolution service provider list, China accounted for only 1 seats, accounting for relatively small.

51DNS (51DNS.COM) ranked eighth in the world, the net growth of the domain name of up to 1011, the total domain name increased to 700146.

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