Personal office website is subject to three triage

personal website, need to take pictures, to confirm the true identity of practice, before the registration of false information to deceive, it is very difficult to make sense. According to the Anhui Provincial Communications Authority revealed that the Ministry has been below, the individual will be faced with the site to do layers of checks to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the site for the record.

in the new regulations, units and individuals can do the site, which provide Internet access services for website access service providers (called IDC or ISP) for a good first pass, is mainly responsible for the verification of the site’s true identity, contact information, website real etc.. In order to prevent the person in charge of providing false identity information, personal website was not only to provide valid documents, also have to accept the scene to take photographs, face verification. The second is the Provincial Communications Authority "audit", whether the audit site requires pre-approval procedures are complete. The third is the Ministry of verification, the use of technical means, were randomly selected to check the website, once found that the site is false information, will make severe punishment for the responsible person. All the province’s website record information authenticity verification work will be completed before the end of September 2010.

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