The three step is to make your nternet event marketing popular

today, we talk about a lot of companies are concerned about the marketing topic – event marketing. Event marketing is the most popular marketing method for many companies in the Internet and new media. The most recent events include Kobe’s retirement, the friendship boat, the descendants of the sun. Event marketing is a double-edged sword. Well done, fans will feel that your business is very popular; do bad, fans will feel you very soil.


since event marketing is so important, then how to do event marketing?

let’s take a look at what event marketing is?

usually we say, when we can put the event through the grasp of news law, with news value created by events, and through the concrete operation, let the news events to convey, so as to achieve the effect of advertising. This is the event marketing.

this definition is not very nonsense? It doesn’t matter, you just need to remember the good event marketing to enterprise promotion and brand promotion play a multiplier effect on it!

why do we do event marketing


in order to take advantage of the potential energy of the event itself, the cost of connecting users. This is the biggest significance of event marketing. What is the most valuable thing on the Internet, is the user’s eye. The event itself has attracted the attention of many users, so they can be very low cost and users to establish a connection".

the next most critical question, how to do event marketing? I searched the Internet a lap and found that most of the methods are nonsense, such as the steps of manufacturing events:

identify the target.

analysis of the current public opinion environment.

to develop the topic communication program.

organization topic implementation steps.

this is seemingly all right, do not operate the methodology, then exactly how to do it?

event marketing is the key to brand marketing

want to rely on event marketing direct marketing of a new product, it is difficult. Before it is possible, but this stage of the Internet through the event marketing products increasingly difficult. Because, now the user’s attention on the network more and more fragmented, a simple event marketing map is difficult to get the product sales, it is recommended to give up relying on event marketing to do product sales.

use event marketing to consolidate or evoke the memory of your brand. If the brand recall, natural product sales is expected later. The following is when Kobe retired, Durex ads, as long as you let users thought the brand can! Users think of you, there will be sales.


event marketing every time a figure

is now a lot of event marketing plans are relying on double micro

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