Wang Tong how to play a good user thinking marketing model


this paper an excerpt from my WeChat open class "Internet business opportunity" and pit

in front of my spoken words: NB users is the platform, users are no nonsense


so we start

the first thing you need to think about is not the business model

but how to quickly get more users and fans

with the user, make money too easy

has a user, you just need to learn a trick with the brother of the value of packaging, you can easily earn a lot of money

because as long as people live, there is a lot of demand, to create a product so that they buy OK.

like Qin Gang teacher also has tens of thousands of fans, watching my copywriting play good, he is also planning a "Internet Project Master top secret" as I wrote a copy routine, easily received 500 thousand.

How to run the



remember the following four words:

1, catch fans

you want to do everything possible to accumulate users and fans

The more

users and fans, the easier you make money

2, foster trust

how can I get fans to give you money

you want to continue to give fans value

to share the value of fans, fans will trust you!

trust is passed in three ways:




I use the word today, because I have known, at the same time in order to let everyone can clearly see the dry cargo content, so I chose the text.

is more likely to generate trust for a person who is not particularly well known. In particular enterprises, you live, let the fans look at your company, your factory, your team, he will trust you, if you live production of each process, he will trust you more products

everyone can choose their favorite way, constantly to pass valuable information to fans.

3, engage in turnover

has the first two steps, it is easy to make money,

you just need to put the value of your product packaging, you can easily sell.

how to value packaging


I have a "secret" can give you the value of packaging.

you how to get the


is very simple

because today’s course is

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