China’s science and technology investment in change shift to the entrepreneurial company Ali PO com


Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 18th news, "the article said:" the Wall Street Journal online edition, the IPO of Alibaba group last year (IPO) pursued by investors, the stock rose in the short term after the listing. However, since then, Ali shares fell all the way. Not only Ali, Jingdong and other popular technology companies have also been selling stocks, stock prices fell. Instead, investors are now starting to invest in China’s technology start-ups, such as the trickle. But investors are now becoming more rational, the United States Mission Network and other start-up companies in the latest round of financing to reduce the valuation.

below is the full text of the article:

a year ago, China’s electricity supplier giant Ali listing, financing amounted to $25 billion. Crazy investors flock to the biggest IPO deal in history.

today, Ali shares have fallen back to the level of IPO issue price. Not only is the pursuit of Ali investors, eager to get a share of the rapid growth of investors in China Internet Corporation, all of the listed companies to suspend investment in technology.

After the listing of

this year, Ali trouble constantly, from the regulatory authorities in the dispute on the issue of counterfeit revenue growth slowed, which in contrast with the situation in September last year, Ali stark contrast. Last year, on the first day of eye-catching listing, Ali shares rose 38%, so many early investors and corporate executives earn a pen.

Some early investors in

Ali IPO on lucrative envy, stimulate a lot of money in the past year to China private technology company, in spite of Ali shares hit a high of $119 began to decline after the fact in November last year. Ali’s current share price is slightly lower than the $68 issue price of IPO. For investors in the IPO and has been holding Ali stock investors, before the gains have disappeared.

listed technology companies favor

in the investor’s portfolio of Chinese technology stocks, Ali is not the only recent fall from the ground floor of the stock. The frenzied sell-off in Chinese stocks this summer has spread to the global market, dragging down other popular Chinese technology stocks. Ali rival Jingdong Tiger Fund is one of the most favored branch of a stock fund. However, since hitting a record high of $37.95 in June, Jingdong’s share price has fallen by more than 29%. Jingdong in May last year, the NASDAQ Exchange, IPO issue price of $19.

"given all the Chinese stock market occurred, China Private Companies will have to lower expectations," the law firm Goodwin Procter Asia director Yashen · (Yash Rana) said Lana.

China’s stock market crash and the market for China’s economic growth prospects of concern, dragged down in the United States listed stocks fell more than the broader market. When the market becomes cautious, the wind

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