Adequate station planning for your network marketing road escort

with the rise of the Internet in China, and now many traditional enterprises have moved to the Internet platform, to seek more opportunities more partners in the network platform so that demand more and more high number of sites, and so many people, competition is more and more big, to many from the competition competitors must come up with special skills talent shows itself, whether it is a generalization of optimization method in web design layout or the choice of keywords and future are need to be carefully considered, which requires investigation and we do a careful analysis, before doing so, and then carefully planning their own website, make plans to wait until the site on-line, in accordance with the plan step by step implementation, so as to ensure the healthy development of the website follow the prescribed order.

station to the site before making a plan is necessary, I do not know if you have this habit, but I think this is very necessary, here I come to talk about how to give web station planning, which focused on the group should pay attention to


first, determine their website theme

is the first step we write site planning book wants to do is to know what industry do a website, what is the purpose of this web site, for example we are selling cars, then we do the theme is about automobiles, we do the site purpose is to find customers through the web site to let they come to buy our car, first in this direction to figure out.

second, the website makes what kind of

has clarified the subject then we need to begin to do the site, so how can we do a website to let users love it! I think to want to do a good website cannot do without the analysis of competitors, it is to see more of a competitor’s site is how to do, to understand the basic characteristics of the construction site in this industry, and then combined with their own ideas, draw the outline of a website about frame in our brain, the site to set the home page which column? What? When we have these, the rest is step by step implementation, need to focus on the details of the optimization in the station during this period.

third, website keywords how to locate


said this one I think everyone is looking more carefully, because a website development and how late keywords are closely related, but once the line on the website, to modify the key words will bring great impact to the website, the reason is to carefully select the keywords for what, before as a webmaster website is not on-line, we should stand in the macroscopic angle to the analysis of their own industry, to see what the characteristics of today’s development situation, development trend and Prospect of yesterday, and tomorrow, so we have chosen only keywords is more accurate, more in line with the development trend of the industry, in the choice of keywords and Nobel when we need to look at the peer web site is how to set up the keywords, and keywords ranking, in order to understand this Keywords ranking

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