Talk about the development of local sites and share with you

I was two or three years of network, started to think about the portal, also test done, the development of regional alliance, but finally embarked on their website development of local roads, summing up the experience, why do I come back, I think the first in the network, it is not a good idea, second I work in the local, local resources, why not First come, first served., also have developed local advantages, I need to do is take my accumulated experience and resources accumulated by out.

I believe that the Internet under the sky has certain area of the portal of heaven and earth, it has been proved that, for example,, Yangzhou hotline, I believe the Langfang community, would have rushed out of the tight encirclement, a world of Langfang under the sky.

do the network is the most important to strengthen confidence, there is to hold to constant, firm we will succeed.

I would like to share with you my Langfang community, and we explore the way out of the regional website

I suggest doing some local sites to do

1, can not be too greedy, is not what content should be made finally, grotesque, what not to do, unless you have strong capital, suggest that you take something into the initiative to do it. I don’t believe that this alliance alliance, rely on the advantages of can drive the terminus station, we do local site, must not be afraid of them, after all they were not as good as we know where.

2, to strengthen confidence and do a good job

3, to enter the market, in line with market first, not behind closed doors, our advantage is in sight, that is in front of the market is our advantage, do local site must first put the market well, don’t wait for the market after the site built for you, you have to go to the market

4, close to the Internet users, want to think of the Internet (this point on their own to explore the market)

today to communicate with you this, we have time to look at our Langfang community, ah, exchange with each other.

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