How to create a high turnover of the product site

a lot of friends have their own products, and then find the technical personnel to make a product sales page linked up to the Internet for customer transactions, but many of my friends have complained that the product sales website looks very beautiful and very attractive ah, views of every day also several hundred or even thousands, but the turnover rate is relatively low sometimes, to reach 1%, sometimes even less than 1% of the turnover rate is so low, why, how to build a high turnover rate of the product website:

1 to design a representative of LOGO, in the upper left corner of the page, at the top of the page on the right or the middle on the phone, the best is 400 or 800 phone, make it easy for customers to find the way to contact, and this product is part of the enterprise to build out "/p>

2 for products find a familiar star spokesperson, the product has established a connection with the target consumer group, successfully enter the consumer’s life and vision, achieve deep communication with the soul, and set up some kind of impression and position in the heart, so that brand value, such as some time ago the network and the media upload more fire Chinese first lady with a domestic mobile phone, every week, the domestic mobile phone sales soared rapidly, is to do a mobile phone

3 in the product sales sites need to have the certification authority, the certification authority can make your products to establish a good image, credibility can be improved at the moment, but also for your products to be sure and brand position in the social consumer groups improved

4 in the product site should have intimate reminder information, with a reminder of the information you can let customers know what your products have advantages, what are the shortcomings, why choose your products, such as

5 customers to add products to witness, generally with photos or text or video testimony, in order to increase the sense of customer trust, eliminate customer concerns

6 for your products added to those community marketing, customer intention is interested in your products together, put a circle of interest into a consumer circle, the circle of people interested in slowly intoprofitable circle, it is said in the marketing industry.

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7 in the successful case comparison up to add products, which can increase and cultivate customer trust, can be a picture and text, the best case is one of the important figures or what units to use this product after the benefits of the advantages of

8 web page to add online consulting or online booking, online consultation system, allowing customers to more convenient access to your product information and information

9 is the best online consulting experts Zuozhen products, to let customers know your product

10 must be added to the mail subscription system, which is more important in marketing, can be used to further communicate with the licensing of the customer, you can also use

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