Secret Wangzhuan training made rich dreams or chaos arena or hoax

": the Internet is a political arena, this lake brings together a wide range of people. Have a dream brilliant Tengda’s desire for success, there are claims made Wangzhuan rich training institutions. However, some training courses really like he advertised to help you achieve your dreams of wealth? The heroine is a dream of youth, and participated in numerous network training courses, spent a lot of training costs, effects, and can find rich secret Ji? Let him to decrypt the secret the training arena. Also in the hope that the industry can produce some valuable conscience education institutions to change the current state of chaos Wangzhuan training industry dragons and fishes jumbled together. "


Lu Songsong in the blog, a coincidence to see a "from the media by Feng Dongyang von boring desperate every child, small Yiu situation" the article, this article made me understand a dream on the road of business to run the entrepreneur Zhu Haitao. Today I wrote "country boy readme: network wealth, veiled", is the outstanding entrepreneurs, their wealth of experience to share with the network form, to provide a reference to create wealth through the network of friends. In writing before the body, first of all to thank the dream of the road to insist on entrepreneurs, this article came into being cannot do without the support of entrepreneurs, he gave me a self recommendation, to see hope, since the media blogger Zhu Haitao Zhu Haitao is his blog.

in September 2012, my first contact network wealth of this word, it is the first time to know on the Internet but Taobao store can also have other ways to make money. After this, the network of wealth curiosity constantly crazy, I try to find the network training institutions and wealth wealth program, continue to enter their push mail QQ mail subscription network of training institutions to create wealth. Next I will focus on the road of wealth in the network of four post experience (chronological order), want to let friends to create wealth through the network to be able to recognize "veiled" beautiful posture behind the shadow.

Inn: Nanjing XXX electronic commerce,

registration project (VIP):SEO optimization technology, Wordpess program site technology, WeChat marketing.

September 2012, was struggling to attract a guest in the program, he is a founder of the electricity supplier training company, training courses have SEO, WordPress station, Taobao shop, etc.. Which let me heart of the course is SEO and WordPress site, before the site for me is a tall thing, is the top IT program ape their patents. I even don’t know this website from which several of Chengdu’s Internet Group mister, suddenly somebody told you: as long as you can type, we can let you learn the training courses and site SEO technology. My God, this is not, in my heart the joy of curiosity.

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