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Abstract: we have a total of three now, two normal operation, one in the decoration, from the 2014 shop to now all of us are not allowed to use WeChat to pay, cash, early 2 months the clerk can accept cash to help pay, but all are on the system introduction.

everyone Hunan was established in late 2013, initially only because the founder Liu Zhengzai circle of friends to share a Rice noodles story, so that he has a new idea: to be a truly authentic Hunan Rice noodles shop. Now, Liu Zheng and his team have a bigger dream.

oral / Jiang Xiaoyu (everyone Xiang 001 employees)

Gao Yunfeng (Editor / treasurer Raiders reporter)

January 8th, Hunan announced once again raised 6 million yuan of funds from the capital market, coupled with the previous access to the A round of financing, everyone in the current round of has received a $27 million financing. So the big money coming in, everyone Hunan what


the same time, the shopkeeper invited everyone Hunan Raiders No. 001 Jiang Xiaoyu employees in the shopkeeper to everyone how to commune Hunan on the Internet thinking to sell 150 thousand copies Rice noodles? "" is a model for everyone Hunan the depth of interpretation, let us see what she said:


Internet thinking, although the word has been used rotten, but I think it still has its own value, at least in today’s era and the combination of the food and beverage industry is a kind of help. As to what extent, the development of Hunan to everyone I borrowed all contribute a little experience, it also contains a lot of blood and tears of history.

restaurant is pit, but still worth doing

strict sense, we can be regarded as cross-border food and beverage, in the 13 years before the start of the restaurant industry is very little understanding. This we all feel easy and low threshold of the industry, is not the actual surface looks so bright. Experience in the development process of more than two years all Hunan, I found that the food industry is really a hole behind it to pay hard is unimaginable, until now also makes people cross as we have a lot of ideas, and at the beginning is not the same, but also because of some aspects of the lack of preparation. Tread pit". At that time everyone Hunan outward shop because of flawed location and house appeared the problem of operation, this is the drawbacks for our entire brand operation, the choice of shops although we are sorry, but we do later work to pay a tuition fee, this let me understand a truth: let professional people to do the professional thing is the most reasonable logic.

is our founder Liu Zheng to Rice noodles a Guxie into frenzy, plus itself is a native of Hunan, so will want in Beijing this city in the north, spare no effort to find the most authentic Hunan Rice noodles. Like everyone else, he found that the image of rice noodle shops are usually street stalls, even if the taste is good, also

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