After the adoption of a number of QQ public opinion

September 16, 2015 14 PM, QQ and the public platform open the first round of the entrance for a limited beta, so many people excited, everyone is eager for a fight on the morning of the highly anticipated, the related QQ group inside already bustling.

The results of

3000 places in less than a second away end, flew into the registration page number is full, or someone worries, grab people compete with one another. To celebrate, did not grab the people in the group of all the complaints of various tucao. I have the honor to get the registration number. Here to talk about some of the public opinion after the adoption of QQ audit.

first, apply for QQ public number is not smooth sailing

remember the afternoon of September 16th 14 QQ registered public number a fierce to refresh the page, probably brush 35 appeared under the registration page, was very excited, immediately ready to fill in the information submitted to die, suggesting that ID is not registered. And then change the name or not, or even a computer or not, and then in the group also see someone has a similar situation, probably about more than and 40 minutes before the success of the toss. Anxious to wait until September 22nd, said the audit does not pass, the document as blurred, the evening immediately took a clear re submit, in September 24th before the audit success.


two, on the QQ public number play and positioning

believe that some people are made public, WeChat tasted the sweetness, and then continue to QQ the public number to a share; some people do feel no time to catch up with WeChat public number, now be too difficult, so I want to put their hopes in the QQ public number; there is a part of see a variety of network with Limited registered propaganda chiefs, feel like to grab the gold jewelry, so have to follow suit.

I should belong to the first part and the second part are accounted for, WeChat tasted a little sweetness, but also feel now do WeChat public number more and more difficult, so in the public know QQ Limited registered after the join force is registered without thinking.

but after the audit of the public number QQ in addition to being a little confused and happy, because I do not know how to locate their public numbers. Before that have reported: WeChat and QQ users group is different, QQ users tend to be younger, 95 after the basic need of WeChat, WeChat 98% users are adults, and the QQ community, 10-29 year old users accounted for 80%. QQ public platform is displayed in the home page: discovery, the new world, so that convenient services and interesting content aggregation more users. So the number of public QQ gameplay and WeChat is different, QQ public tend to new things and more interesting content. Tencent may not allow QQ to imitate WeChat play to flow away from WeChat, this is a question that every QQ registered to the public number of users should be thinking.

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