How to increase the soft text of the two major centers of the soft power of persuasion

in order to achieve the goal of action, usually, to be persuasive or infectious. Excellent soft Wen or both two. Of course, we are not saying that there is no convincing and Infectious Soft Wen is not good, controversial, interesting soft Wen can also achieve some kind of action goals. We focus on the mainstream of the soft power of persuasion and appeal. The more convincing performance in the discussion in the form of text, appeal more performance in the narratives in the form of soft wen.

, as its name implies, refers to the speaker’s ability to persuade the audience with various possible techniques. The persuasive power of soft Wen, simply say is how to convince the reader of the soft Wen’s point of view, how to obey the action of the soft target.

1 attack the hearts of consumers is the way to success

marketing positioning master Trout said: the heart of consumers is the ultimate battlefield marketing. So soft Wen also want to study the mental needs of consumers, but also from here. Only from the sense of security and sense of value, sense of control, sense of belonging to the 4 aspects of the example analysis, in order to initiate. Security: people go, inner security is the most basic psychological needs, the function and security product combination is an effective way to convince customers. For example, the sale of a new type of rice cooker, said the soft rice cooker in the case of abnormal voltage can automatically power off, can effectively prevent electricity safety issues. Electrical safety concern for housewives is a psychological point.

can start from a sense of security, can also come from the opposite. "Don’t let the children lose at the starting line" so that countless parents in children’s education products on the pleasure of taking out the "silver".

sense of value: being recognized by others is a fulfillment of self fulfillment. The product can be combined with the realization of personal value can impress customers. Melatonin is precisely to impress consumers pay to meet their parents a sense of value.

sales Soybean Milk soft machine can be described as: "when children eat breakfast, how long they no longer go to the street to buy dilute too dilute Soybean Milk, pure Soybean Milk and drink just squeezed out! When mom will end up Soybean Milk reeky, see to dance around the children. Which mother will be happy?" a mother’s sense of value arise spontaneously as parents, will stimulate consumer buying intention.

control: "I am the master of my domain," everyone wants to show his own right to control. Dominance is not only a control of their own lives, but also from the self-confidence of life, but also the starting point of soft Wen to consider.

a gentleman took his wife to a jewelry store. Mrs. softly cried, she found a big diamond ring, very beautiful. Two people enjoying a very expensive diamond ring, the face of Mr. micro pained. The salesman is lightly reported the price then said: "this is a big diamond ring was once the prime minister Mrs. good, just because they didn’t buy a little expensive."

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