How to change the traditional enterprises to develop nternet marketing thinking in practical operat

operation thinking of traditional enterprises there is a big difference, and the general Internet marketing thinking in simple terms, ideas and mode of operation of the traditional enterprises is product oriented, and Internet marketing is customer-oriented, process opposite.

, for example, general traditional enterprises, especially industrial enterprises, is often the product centric, perfectly their technology and product features, functions and advantages of their products will have listed all familiar, then go to the customer, to see what people need, to whom. This is quite evident from their website and business book, whether it is for the end customer, dealer or project, and its application in various fields is in accordance with the next Goods are available in all varieties., mode of communication and marketing, which is product oriented mode of thinking typical. Why do you say that, because the website and corporate brochures to any kind of customer groups to see, customers do not think it is dedicated to them to see the effect of communication and persuasion is very poor.


Internet marketing is? Internet marketing thinking is opposite to the first position of customer groups, it is popular to you want to hold what kind of people, first is to study the needs of such groups, psychological and consumer habits, then according to their needs, planning and design solutions, the final selection or design the targeted products, and according to the needs of the customer base to modify. Tips: This article by the network marketing actual combat Liu Yutong original, want to see the author more articles please visit the blog of Liu Yutong. Please retain the copyright information.

in the network marketing practice, Liu Yutong found such a contradiction, is knowing thinking and mode of operation of the Internet, but the traditional enterprise, the product is already forming, generally impossible to destroy products and equipment, according to the Internet model for re development. However, since the development of network marketing, and how to use the Internet thinking? Liu Yutong took her to share practical methods.

encountered this situation, Liu Yutong is to do so, you can use the curve salvation to describe:

first, the market situation of such products for analysis, if necessary, a certain market survey, and then the unique selling point of the product as a preliminary refining.

two, the company’s sales data analysis, to find the most likely to clinch a deal the customer, summarize the rules, and then determine the most likely to be a class of customer groups.

three, the sales staff and customer interviews to understand why customers will buy this product, the most impressed by what they are.

four, compared with the previously extracted points of sale, the selection of the most customer groups for the needs of the selling point for packaging, to create a good sales proposition, and related communication planning and design.

five, marketing test, achieved initial results.

six, further positioning customer groups, in-depth study of customer needs

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