To promote the way of website promotion from the boycott of Carrefour

because of Carrefour’s largest shareholder economic support for Darai and the French government public to boycott the Olympics, in the domestic make up a boycott of Carrefour storm, at present, Carrefour incident has yet to subside trend, we should rational patriotism, temporary politics aside, realize the website promotion way from "boycott Carrefour" activities (e.g. No. for a boycott of Carrefour network signature campaign).

: a case China heart spread surnames

when the students abroad in China heart dress parade, we think of the QQ head, MSN head into Chinese heart, so there is the birth of professional China heart website, specializing in production, China heart modification and download, the effect is good, this is Chinese heart on the Baidu billboard, however, this website only temporarily, after the Three passions such as QQ and MSN users, in exchange for their love of the head, Chinese heart website also is lost user viscosity.

example two: hacker spirit play

recently, the domestic hacker alliance also aroused the patriotic enthusiasm, play a role, then, with people thought of the hacker spirit, made a special section to refresh the page, the page content is called master of domestic websites to Carrefour, Carrefour Chinese station DDOS attacks, the majority of Internet users aroused the patriotic enthusiasm, let netizens use QQ group, network tools such as a lot of publicity. In this way, to achieve the purpose of publicity website.

example three: voting system formation

press a strong response to the United States CNN anchor commentator Cafferty, CCTV news network appeared to vote against the United States CNN and Cafferty, in order to concentrate to the outside world Chinese reaction netizens strong indignation mood. The advantage of the opportunity, at this time there is a webmaster friends to do a boycott of the special theme of the voting page. For example: "the question of whether to boycott Carrefour answer: 1, 2, or some other interesting voting information together, then advertise, for users, this is undoubtedly a way to vent their anger, so the water wave effect is completed three.

The effect of several methods above

will transfer the torch like Tencent, the Yangtze River and the Yellow River flooding in an unbroken line, and get out of hand.

so, treat the current hot news, we have to have a keen observation and insight of the webmaster friends, in short, the flexible application of web promotion skills is the basic skills.

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