Alexa website ranking


Alexa world rankings is mainly divided into two kinds:
ranking can be called absolute ranking, which is a specific site in all about 35000000000 sites in the ranking. Alexa announced a new website rankings every three months. This ranking is based on the number of user links (Users Reach) and the number of page views (Page Views) cumulative geometric average of three months.

as the world’s top ranked websites: YAHOO ( topped the list, followed by MSN (, two Korean site and was third and fourth. Fifth is the most famous search engine Google ( An average of 308000 people per day of Internet users visit YAHOO. The world’s leading e-commerce retail platform Amazon ranked 14.

Alexa will also be based on Internet users to comment on the site, in the comprehensive ranking information, with the star to the site to comment on a level, the highest for the 5 star". Sina ranked the top 2 domestic websites, won the "star"". The Alexa site itself does not participate in the rankings, but Alexa to their evaluation for 4.

if the IE embedded in the Alexa toolbar (Alexa Toolbar), then every visit to a site, the overall ranking will be displayed. That is what people usually say. If you view a site through the Alexa, the first thing you see is the comprehensive ranking of the site, and with the day of the site’s home page screenshot, and website content simple text description. In the case of, the ranking is 21304 (web map or N months ago:)).

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