Taobao com red shop more than Yan high value Artists are using robots

This year’s

shop in red double 11 properly due to grab the limelight, reported that in the double 11 day, Taobao’s turnover in TOP10, there are 8 seats are red; I like the wardrobe, ANNA IT IS AMAZING, single day sales money Mrs. Sydney custom shop were red net billion.

but you think is the red shop on the net Yan? Of course not, regardless of product design, supply chain team, reaction speed, operation tips of these shops are outsiders commendable. The billion state power network learned in the art shop red net technology has also been walking in the front of the industry. read more

What procedures need to open the shop Pay attention to what steps

in the network era of entrepreneurship fall over each other, a lot of people through the network did not withstand the sand, net bumps, was ruthlessly eliminated; and some people from the beginning will find their own direction, a grip in the hands of the steering wheel, smooth progress. So, as the saying goes, in the spring, a day’s plan in the morning, open shop is, the most important is that you start, the better route design shop, the cornerstone was laid, is the basic guarantee for you down. What do you do not understand can contact me, there are peers can also exchange experiences with each other! read more

CCTV exposure Taobao QQ single brush group propaganda YY platform to fight

NetEase science and technology news March 16th news, for CCTV 3· 15 party, the report, Taobao official micro issued the first time social co governance, combat brush single call.

"thank CCTV exposure of the Internet brush this single grey black industry, let more people understand and resist this cancer." The paper said, although Taobao has been in a high pressure situation against scalping, technology upgrading, but the hand brush through the QQ group, QT group, WeChat group, empty voice packet network and YY voice chat room, and the huge hidden black express complete brush single chain, using the platform no enforcement power is helpless, like a stout the leech tightly adsorbed on the e-commerce platform and network world. read more

Electricity supplier position purification singles false promotion is not in shadow

at the beginning of September, the NDRC price supervision bureau business exposure of false promotions, and not against each big enterprise wars "singles day (November 11th) initiative". In November 8th, Tmall, Jingdong, mall mall, Gome online mall and other major electricity providers have released "singles day" promotions.

and the national development and Reform Commission identified some enterprises exist false promotions 8 * 15 electricity supplier war, compared to the electricity supplier listed promotional information is more attractive. launched the "universal coupons 300 yuan of the following goods are returned for the online and offline, and not subject to any restrictions and other activities; United States online store position before November 11th, carried out in the first round inclusive none, the whole network products heavy into 4 etc.. read more

nventory 2015 fresh electricity supplier death list

introduction: fresh electricity from everyone to do, to pour into a piece of everyone said to do well, after three years of time. A lot of capital in fresh body burn, this process can sum up what experience?



network operators in the world by Liu Ximo

December 16, 2015, the fruit camp CEO Yi De was taken away by the police, which was established in October 2014, known as the new world to create a "Alibaba" O2O electricity supplier companies, officially stopped operations. 5000 employees in the future. read more

Vip com Q3 total net revenues of 880 million shares fell 7% on Tuesday

Beijing time on November 19th morning news, on Tuesday, shares fell $0.28 in regular trading on Nasdaq, to close at $23.71, down 1.17%. In after hours trading, shares fell again in 7%. Over the past 52 weeks,’s highest price of $24.41, the lowest price of $22.80. today released its fiscal 2014 quarter ended September 30th unaudited financial results for the third quarter. The report shows that third quarter total net revenues of $882 million 600 thousand, up 130% over the same period last year, $383 million 700 thousand; net profit attributable to the shareholders of for $27 million 700 thousand, an increase of 130.3% over last year’s $12 million. read more

Jingdong signing ten thousand convenience stores to join O2O war

Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent three giants in the O2O (online and offline integration) battle in full swing, always adhere to the online Jingdong O2O also joined the high-profile war.

yesterday, Jingdong O2O Group officially announced cooperation with Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other 15 city tens of thousands of convenience stores, including Quik, good neighbors, good friends, and other well-known brand of convenience store chain meiyijia. This is followed by the Jingdong and Shanxi Tang Long hypermarkets to carry out the success of O2O cooperation, the first large-scale promotion of this business model, the future, the plan is also expected to cover all the provincial capital cities and prefecture level at the end of the year. read more

Alibaba to enter the Hong Kong and Macao group purchase market Hong Kong poly cost effective line

sina science and technology news Beijing time on April 8th afternoon news, Alibaba’s website to buy Juhuasuan online today, the Hongkong version of the site, an important step to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan market expansion.

currently, Hongkong initiated by cost-effective types of goods including clothing, covering Home Furnishing supplies, baby products, consumer electronic products and toys.

U.S. science and technology information website TheNextWeb believes that Juhuasuan backed by Taobao and Tmall, buy a product rich enough to look forward to. Into the Hongkong market shows that Alibaba keen to invest in new potential market. read more

Shop three drainage weapon Taobao guest article

in addition to a number of search engines and browsers, to promote the baby well, must stand in the guest’s point of view. And those who help Taobao sellers to promote and get commission from the people, is Taobao. Generally speaking, they are charged according to the actual turnover. For small and medium-sized sellers, but the cost of a high price Taobao promotional tools Oh!

Adhere to characteristics focus is Wangzhuan success

in China, many owners are busy living garbage station, and then rely on advertising or selling do portal flow and other means of access to income, and never did: just a blog can also make a lot of money? Their blog traffic at least hundreds of thousands, then millions more, really very admire. Let’s look at these blogs to make money ranking (this is the earlier data this year, the first few Alexa ranking fell badly):


income: about 2 million 400 thousand $/ year read more