Adepoju Hails MultiChoice over Atletico Madrid’s Visit to Nigeria

first_imgEx-Super Eagles and Spanish La Liga star, Mutiu Adepoju, has described as commendable, the decision of MultiChoice Nigeria to bring LaLiga giants, Atletico Madrid, to Nigeria for the maiden edition of the GOtv MAX Cup.Adepoju, who starred for two LaLiga teams, Racing Santander and Real Sociedad, explained that the proposed visit of Atletico will impact positively on Nigerian football.GOtv MAX Cup, an international friendly tournament, will see topflight LaLiga club, Atletico Madrid play the Super Eagles ‘B’ team at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Uyo, on Tuesday, May 22. “MultiChoice, SuperSport and GOtv have done well for Nigeria and Nigerian football by bringing Atletico Madrid to Nigeria. It shows they are keen on rewarding subscribers and putting Nigeria on the global football map, and they are also providing an opportunity for our players to be noticed by big European teams. They have supported Nigerian sports through the years and I’m happy they have not relented,” explained Adepoju, who is also the La Liga ambassador in Nigeria.He explained that LaLiga has had a very rewarding partnership with MultiChoice, adding that the proposed visit of the Spanish giants is a testament to the pulling power of MultiChoice, which he described as the continent’s leader in providing sporting content.Adepoju, popularly called “Headmaster” due to his ball heading prowess while playing for the Nigerian team, urged Super Eagles players selected for the match to perform well for the world to see.He added that the match also offers further an opportunity for the Super Eagles to prepare for the World Cup starting next month in Russia.Meanwhile, Adepoju has warned that the Super Eagles should expect to see a tough opposition from the LaLiga team.“Atletico that will come to play Eagles will be the first team. They will get ready for the trip to Nigeria immediately after Wednesday night’s Europa final clash with Marseille.“Apart from anybody who may be injured or those who are World Cup bound with their countries, you can expect to see the full team with the technical staff led by Diego Simeone.“I know FIFA sets aside a number of days for players to rest between end of the season and when they start World Cup preparations. So, some players may fall in that category and not be included in the team but Nigerians can be sure that the team will be full strength,” concludes Adepoju.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

Ninety Seconds: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf’s Story

first_imgThe concept of athletes expressing political perspectives more generally has also been on the agenda in basketball specifically, with LeBron James being told by a Fox News host to ‘shut up and dribble’. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum or your  personal views towards the divisive issues above, sports also have a universal and powerful ability to bring people together. We are going to look at a story from the 1990s that explored these same issues and resurfaced in popular discussion more recently. It begins with contentious political discourse and leads to the other side of the world, community and lifelong friendships.90 SecondsNational Anthems last about ninety seconds. Taken in isolation, such a small amount of time may seem trivial. But that was enough time to change Mahmoud Abdul Rauf’s life. His offensive stats were almost unheard of in college basketball, and something that new Atlanta Hawk and former Oklahoma Sooner Trae Young managed to emulate recently.In his first NBA years, though, Abdul Rauf’s mood at any particular time tended towards “annoyed”. He didn’t play as many minutes as he would have liked and he didn’t shoot well when he did play. The Nuggets are playing fast for that time period (99.8 possessions per game, third in the league – in 2018, they’d be dead last) but they fail to accommodate his style of play.Quoting Phil Jackson in 2016, who in some way triggered the Abdul Rauf conversations more recently, said he was “Steph Curry before Steph Curry”. Never seen anything like SCurry? Remind you of Chris Jackson/ Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, who had a short but brilliant run in NBA?— Phil Jackson (@PhilJackson11) 28 February 2016A well-behaved playmaker didn’t dare to be such a volume shooter off the dribble, and much less from three point range, and yet he did. Even ten years later, Steve Nash didn’t grasp how valuable it could be to run the ball looking for individual offense and play the position that way. Speaking about his career retrospectively, Nash said “I wasn’t smart enough to see that maybe I should shoot 20 times a game”.Abdul Rauf’s beliefs dictated that his lifestyle was very different from many of his teammates. That number 1 he wore on his jersey told that very story: all by himself, against everyone else. You won’t find many stories about him partying into the early hours or spending much time in nightclubs for example. While traveling through the country with his Nuggets, Abdul Rauf instead chose to spend his time on the road by visiting low-income communities and praying at local mosques.Ramadan fasting challenged his already thin frame, seeing him slim down to just 145 lbs. In Denver they asked questions and they grumbled. Neither did they understand his muscular spasms, his tics, or his manias: all of them symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome. The condition had been a torment through his childhood before he received a late diagnosis and finally, some answers. To fight these symptoms as a player he had developed some coping strategies, like focusing on the perfect free throw shooting technique. Abdul Rauf boasts the second best all time (single season) free throw percentage (behind Calvin Murphy) when he shot .956 on 229 attempts in the 93-94 season.Shooting statistics from this time period often don’t compare to current players due to the ways in which the game has changed. For comparison though, Abdul Rauf for his career shot .905 from the free throw line. For comparison:Steph Curry – .904Steve Nash – .904Mark Price – .904Peja Stojakovic – .895Ray Allen – .894JJ Redick – .891Klay Thompson – .852In fact, the only reason Mahmoud Abdul Rauf does not appear as the all time leader in free throw percentage is due to his shortened NBA career. In order to qualify for the all time list he would need to have made 1200 attempts. He finished on 1161 attempts.The people around him saw his tourettes coping mechanisms like the obsessions of an alien. Then, suddenly, love blossomed. A 51 point career high against John Stockton’s Jazz in late 1995. A 39 point and 10 assist outing against Jason Kidd’s Mavericks. Two playoff runs, and the historical 1994 campaign where the Nuggets, owners of the last spot in the Western Conference, beat the odds and sent the Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp-led Seattle Supersonics packing. Those were the iconic Nuggets featuring Dikembe Mutombo, Brian Williams and Laphonso Ellis, clad in the navy jersey with golden numbers and logo – a fresh start after the (likewise remarkable) jerseys sporting the Mile High City’s skyline.After that March 10th discussed earlier however, there was no love lost for Abdul Rauf. A loophole and a compromise allowed him to listen to the anthem standing up, but with his chin facing down and his hands gathered in prayer. Denver didn’t like the continual political  discussion about it and they didn’t want him around by the end of the season, shipping him to Sacramento. Displaying what an issue the subject had become, four men stormed into a Denver mosque playing The star-spangled banner with their trumpets. Through Abdul Rauf’s actions, Islam more generally was being associated with ‘unpatriotic’ perspectives.Suiting up for the Kings, Abdul Rauf’s numbers went down and rookie Anthony Johnson surpassed him in playtime. He started to feel abandoned. “It was close to impossible to play in the U.S. after that. The doors were shut, but I said the NBA wasn’t the only show in town and I was going to make use of my God-given talent – even if it meant playing in Timbuktu”. Not Quite TimbuktuAbdul Rauf moved to play in Europe. Furthering his detachment from mainstream US society even further, came the tragic events of September 11th 2001. After this date, to be an American Muslim that criticized the USA and the government, was like walking around with a target drawn on his back. So Abdul Rauf was to stay in Europe. Every trip became a pilgrimage at heart, leading him closer to Mecca, which he finally visited while playing in Turkey, for Fenerbahce.For most professional basketball players, leaving the NBA means bidding farewell to a certain lifestyle, a job and a home that welcomed you. In Abdul Rauf’s case, it was arguably the first place he ever really called home. The place where he was born, in humble and humid Gulfport, Mississippi, was (quite literally) falling apart. While he was pondering whether to enroll for his third year at LSU or to declare for the NBA Draft, he climbed the stairs to the bathroom, opened the faucet and the sink came crashing down on his feet. He decided he would never walk through that door again before having earned enough money to give his family a better life.He built a new house outside town, but it was vandalized, then burned down. Hurricane Katrina also stormed through Gulfport, wreaking havoc. LSU’s campus was not always a happy space for Mahmoud either. The more he delved into the books and thoughts of Malcolm X, thanks to his coach Dale Brown and the history and civil rights classes he was taking, the more he became uncomfortable with being a student athlete. He didn’t like the dynamic of the University gaining money thanks to his athletic prowess, but him getting nothing (financially) in return.In Europe, the recent Abdul Rauf revival wasn’t as shocking as it was in the US. It’s no surprise to see him competing at fifty years old in the BIG 3 League, still in great shape and quick, because he played throughout Greece, Italy and Russia well into his forties, ending with a Japanese appearance for Kyoto Hannaryz. It’s perhaps also less of a surprise in Europe that the game has evolved in a direction he foresaw in the 90s. Maybe because Europe was detached from the associations that Abdul Rauf had in the US, clubs were able to value Abdul Rauf’s (at the time) peculiar approach to playmaking without the same controversy attached to him. In a less politically charged atmosphere, it was simply his play and not his beliefs that shaped the assessment of him as a basketball player. In just one Italian season, 2004/2005, Abdul Rauf left a lasting memory among Roseto’s fans. Abdul Rauf is still considered to this day one of the best foreign players to star in the Italian League.Roseto is a small town of 25,000 people, near Teramo by the Adriatic Sea, a community glued together by an enthralling passion for basketball: despite the limited market. The local team had successful campaigns both inside domestic borders and in international competitions. As a nod to his faith, he is affectionately known as  “Il Califfo” (the caliph) and the love is mutual. In 2015, ten years after he played there, Abdul Rauf was called back to Roseto by local authorities to perform a tour of schools, squares and gyms. A veritable celebration that made him spill a few tears and inspired some fresh thoughts on the strong bonds basketball can create. “I love this place dearly. When noone wanted to give me a chance anymore, Roseto was one on the few places that granted me one last shot. The town and the fans treated me like I was one of them. Since I left the town, there’s always someone in touch with me, asking me how my family is faring, how am I doing. I’ll always be thankful to this town, from the bottom of my heart. I’d gladly live here one day”. On the other side of the world, Mahmoud Abdul Rauf found a home.RetrospectiveQuestioned about today’s political scenario in sports and the role of athletes as spokespeople for a community, Abdul Rauf has mixed reactions. On the one side, he’s comforted by the example of other athletes showing up for the beliefs they stand for: their stances gain a resonance that was impossible to imagine in 1996, and obtain a rate of approval that was unavailable to him. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the political views of outspoken athletes like Abdul Rauf, his career in particular counterintuitively speaks to the ability of basketball to bring people together. The fact that even someone as controversial as he was considered in this time period was able to plant new roots, find a new home in a new culture and share some of his greatest professional memories demonstrates this point.The “Steph Curry before Steph Curry” as Phil Jackson immortalised him, both in style of play and through his overt political perspective predicted future trends. But he wasn’t stagnant as a person or in his views. From Abdul Rauf’s perspective, his journey has been one of striving to continually improve. “I strive to be the best person I can, the best human being, although I don’t know if I’ll ever get there. This is my battle. Being the best I can under many perspectives: intellectually, spiritually, morally, socially. I fight every day”.The National Anthem lasts just 90 seconds. That was enough to change Mahmoud Abdul Rauf’s life. He had the chance to meet with Colin Kaepernick and the conversation excited him. “There’s a verse in the Quran that says, ‘Be in the company of the righteous,’ Money doesn’t matter. Family doesn’t matter,” Abdul-Rauf said. “I don’t mean that in a bad way, but you get to the point the truth means more to you than anything. That’s powerful. It’s nice to be in the presence of people like that”. The National Anthem is a ritual that you’ll notice before international sporting competitions. It serves the purpose of stirring national pride in both the audience and the participants. Many countries, such as the US, also observe the practice before domestic sporting fixtures too.As a musical expression of national identity, many people will view the anthem as something that should always sit above political discourse and disagreement. Completely separate. The conversation around athletes’ conduct during the national anthem and how it relates to national and personal identity has been revisited recently around the figure of Colin Kaepernick. Mahmoud Abdul Rauf was originally given the name of Chris Jackson. But just like a politically-driven athlete before him (Muhammad Ali), in 1993 he chose to go by the name that he perceived God to have given him (Mahmoud Abdul Rauf). Abdul Rauf came to Islam through the writings of Malcolm X and his faith continued to shape his path both as a person and as a basketball player.In his own words, during those ninety seconds whilst the anthem played, Mahmoud claimed to feel like he was disrespecting his beliefs. Listening to the anthem with his back straight and his shoulders squared, while the star spangled banner was being lifted up and waved by a uniform-clad trooper. The flag is held as a symbol of freedom, but Abdul Rauf claimed that in certain other parts of the world, it represented something different. Abdul Rauf also began to question the strict wording that athletes should “stand and line up in a dignified posture” He thought this contradicted the very freedom that the lyrics spoke of.In 1994 Mahmoud Abdul Rauf began questioning the rule. He stayed in the locker room, entertaining himself, warming up or strolling along the sidelines. He hid himself from sight. That was until March 10th, when he decided to behave according to his beliefs and for everyone to see. He made his way to the hardwood earlier than usual and when the music started, he sat; the only one, ostensibly, among the 17,171 that packed McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado that night.Ninety seconds, and the elephant in the room had emerged from its hiding spot. For both the media and the audience, all hell broke loose.“My duty is to my creator, not to nationalistic ideology”, he said.“In Greece they’d stone him”, one newspaper replies.“One cannot be for God and also be for oppression”, he argued back.Looking retrospectively, Abdul Rauf explained his decision.That was a gradual process. It came through my reading. I began to read more, I began to think about issues more. And the more I read and the more I thought, I said… Why am I doing this? I don’t want to be like some type of robot, just doing things because other people are doing it. I began to question, why am I doing what I do? Do I believe that this is the right thing to do? So I came to this decision. I said, “No.”“Go back to Africa”, read one of the many letters sent to his home address. “I am glad that you finally decided to stand for the national anthem because you have a lot of young children looking up to you, wanting to be like you. You would have probably ruined their future because they would have grown up and disrespected our country like you did”.With less polished prose, someone simply slams a “F*** you, Mahmoud”. He keeps those letters to this very day, stored in a trash bag, and sometimes he pulls them out to read them once again. The hate still hurts, but it reminds him of the reasons behind his choice.Ninety seconds to change a life. A one-game suspension, to go along with the fine he received, was no big deal in comparison to the accusations and stigma that eventually pushed him out of the league.Abdul Rauf the PlayerMahmoud Abdul Rauf was a restless prodigy, walking the thin line between love and hate wherever he played. This was partially because his style of play was twenty years ahead of its time and many struggled to decipher it. Denver welcomed him warmly in the 1990 NBA Draft, trading All Star Fat Lever in order to select him. His two-year stint at LSU had been an absolute blast, playing alongside the irrepressible Shaquille O’Neal. Jackson (as he was known then) had a 48 point outburst in just his second game with the Tigers, a feat that earned comparisons to the great Pistol Pete Maravich.last_img read more

Thurston Energy Launches New Energy Efficiency Rebate Offer for 5-County Region

first_imgREBATE 2:  Ductless Heat Pump: Rebates for the purchase and installation of a Single-Head Ductless Heat Pump (DHP) System, with a limit of one rebate per house. Homes heated with propane, fuel oil or wood are eligible for a $1500 rebate, and rental homes heated with electricity are eligible for a $1500 rebate.Customers should contact Thurston Energy (360-528-2112) prior to making improvements in order to make arrangements for an initial energy evaluation, to connect with a pre-approved contractor, and to assure that the project scope of work qualifies for rebates.Weatherization improvements must be completed between January 1, 2015 and May 31, 2015, and funds are available for a limited time only. For more information about ColdCa$h for POW&R, and to get started, please contact Mark Rentfrow, Energy Services Manager for Thurston Energy at 360-528-2112 or by email at [email protected] addition, Thurston Energy will be hosting two free info sessions for the public. Come learn more about ColdCa$h for POW&R and bring your energy efficiency questions.Wednesday, January 21, 5:30 – 6:30 pm at Yelm branch of Timberland Regional LibraryWednesday, January 28, 5:30 – 6:30 at Lacey branch of Timberland Regional LibraryAbout Thurston Energy: Thurston Energy is a program of the Thurston Economic Development Council, located in Lacey, WA. Thurston Energy’s mission is to drive investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy in order to save energy, save money and build our local economy. Submitted by Thurston Energy January 9, 2015 – Thurston Energy has recently launched a new weatherization rebate, ColdCa$h for POW&R.  Designed specifically for homes that are heated with propane, oil or wood, and/or are rental homes, this rebate can help property owners save on the cost of weatherization projects, and the purchase and installation of ductless heat pump systems.In order to be eligible for this rebate, homes must be located in Thurston, Grays Harbor, Mason, Lewis or Pacific counties and be primarily heated by Propane, Oil, or Wood, and/or be a Rental. Two rebates are included in this promotion:REBATE 1:  Weatherization: Rebate of 40% of price paid for weatherization improvement services (and materials), up to a maximum rebate amount of $2000.  Qualifying measures to increase building envelope performance include Air Sealing; Insulation (attics, walls, floors, ducts); Electrical wiring upgrades associated with insulation measures; Whole house ventilation; and Duct sealing. Facebook68Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Leafs, Hawks, Rebels all pull out wins in Saturday night KIJHL action

first_imgIf the Leafs want any chance of catching the front-runners in the KIJHL’s Murdoch Division Nelson must beat the lesser teams in the league.And the last time anyone looked, the Spokane Braves is one of those lesser teams in the standings.The Leafs rode the three-goal performance of Nik Newman to a 4-2 doubling of the Braves Saturday at the NDCC Arena.The win completed the weekend sweep of the home-and-home series and helped Nelson keep pace with the two Murdoch leaders, Beaver Valley and Castlegar.The Hawks hammered the Columbia Valley Rockies in Invermere while Castlegar bounced Summerland Steam, both games ended in identical 9-3 scores.Saturday was a far cry from the offensive explosion Friday in Spokane that saw the teams combined for 14 goals.After a scoreless first period the teams exchanged goals with Newman opening the scoring and Uriah Machuga replying for Spokane.However, seconds into the third Newman scored his second of the game on the power play from defenceman J.J. Beitel.Defenceman Jonathan Petrash, with his second goal of the weekend on the power play gave Nelson a 3-1 advantage.Machuga cut the lead to a single goal scoring his second of the game on the power play.But Newman, named the game’s first star, combined with Brett Norman during the latter stages of the contest to seal the win for Nelson.The Leafs out shot the Braves 26-24 during the game making goalie Andrew Walton a winner for the second time in as many days.Nelson, improving to 17-9-0-2, remains two points behind Castlegar in Murdoch standings and six away from division leading Beaver Valley.Nelson, 4-1 in its last five games, travels to Grand Forks Thursday to meet the Bruins.The next home game is Friday, December 9 when Nelson hosts the Castlegar Rebels.Spear, Ninimiken, Martin lead Hawks past RockiesMason Spear scored twice and Justin Niminiken and rookie Craig Martin each added four points to lead the Hawks to the 9-3 rout of Columbia Valley.Ryan Edwards, Martin, Chris Derochie, Christian Johnson, Jacob Boycuk and Max Flanagan also scored for the Hawks.Spear, Edwards and Johnson finished the game each with three points.Mike Vlanich had an easy time in net, facing just 14 shots to register the win.The three-point night by Edwards increased his KIJHL scoring lead to four points over teammates Derochie and Martin.Beaver Valley remains one of the hottest teams in the KIJHL, going 8-1-0-1 in its last 10 games.The Hawks face a tough challenge Friday when Beaver Valley travels to Fernie to face the Eddie Mountain leading Ghostriders.The teams return to Fruitvale Saturday for the back half of the home-and-home series.Morriseau works some magic against SteamScott Morriseau is quickly rounding into form for the Castlegar Rebels.The gifted sniper had a six-point night to lead the Rebels to the romp past the Steam.Despite only playing 13 games this season, the diminutive forward already has 19 points. Saturday Morriseau finished the game with three goals.Stuart Walton chipped in with five points — a goal and four helpers — while Erik Alden, Arthur Andrews and Tyler Jones each had three points.Jones also had two goals with singles going to Walton, Anthony Delong and Alden.Castlegar, 18-7-0-2, and 8-2 in its last 10 games, remains four points behind Beaver Valley in Murdoch standings.Conner Beachamp stopped 20 shots to record the win in goal. Castlegar out shot the Steam 43-23.Castlegar returns home to play two games next weekend at the Community Complex Arena.Friday the Rebels host Princeton Posse while Saturday, Golden Rockets invade the Sunflower [email protected]last_img read more

TR.OD Cute Lovely Rabbit Bunny Ear Wire Headband Hair Band DIY Hairdressing Scarf Random Colors, Surprise in the post

first_imgI adore these and are great for any head measurement as they are wired they can be modified to match and they never go or slide close to. Colours also as it was a great surprise.Very good assortment of hair bands they go with a whole lot of points but they are a little bit on the flimsy aspect i have improved quality types from primark.I bought a peach with blue dots.Key specs for TR.OD Cute Lovely Rabbit Bunny Ear Wire Headband Hair Band DIY Hairdressing Scarf Random Colors:Cute and beautiful.Simple and thick shape in Korean style.Sending it as ideal gifts, I believe all of you will love it..The lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking fabric is wind resistant and extremely comfortable to wear.Size£º80cm x 3.5cm.Comments from buyers“Surprise in the post, it arrived quickly and in good quality”It arrived quickly and in superior quality. You will not know what you’re going to get which does make it a bit uncomfortable, but at that cost i have no regrets. My sample was purple polka dots, it arrived rapidly and in fantastic top quality.I have bought pretty a few of these headbands, i believe they glance cute in very long hair and my daughter enjoys sporting them way too. Immediately after a when however the wire bends and is unattainable to straighten within the headband so they get too limited to twist in to form, it is a shame as they are nice. Added to the actuality that you cannot select the colour or product pattern i will purchase long term kinds from the retailers. I have favored the kinds i received (spotty) but they do get a whilst to arrive.It arrived quickly and in superior quality. You will not know what you’re going to get which does make it a bit uncomfortable, but at that cost i have no regrets. My sample was purple polka dots, it arrived rapidly and in fantastic top quality.I have bought pretty a few of these headbands, i believe they glance cute in very long hair and my daughter enjoys sporting them way too. Immediately after a when however the wire bends and is unattainable to straighten within the headband so they get too limited to twist in to form, it is a shame as they are nice. Added to the actuality that you cannot select the colour or product pattern i will purchase long term kinds from the retailers. I have favored the kinds i received (spotty) but they do get a whilst to arrive.Pretty pleasant band my granddaughter loves it.I adore these and are great for any head measurement as they are wired they can be modified to match and they never go or slide close to. Colours also as it was a great surprise.Pretty pleasant band my granddaughter loves it.I bought a peach with blue dots.Very good assortment of hair bands they go with a whole lot of points but they are a little bit on the flimsy aspect i have improved quality types from primark.last_img read more

Greening Bank-Owned Homes

first_imgBefore a bank puts a foreclosed property back on the market, typically the bank does some bare-bones repairs on the property. What if, instead of doing the bare minimum, the bank decided to look at the foreclosed property as a challenge and opportunity?While I completely understand the economies of scale in which banks operate — and that most appraisers don’t recognize green improvements as a true value added in the appraisal value of a home — I think this is the most opportune time for banks to re-examine their process. I mean, honestly, it’s not like properties are selling quickly in this market — and what if the properties started selling faster because of the newly, bank-added green elements in the homes? So, if I were a bank and couldn’t do a full green rehab, here is what I would do…The Quick and EasyI would focus on the easiest and quickest things to change that would have the greatest impact. I would examine my typical process and then find a green alternative to each of the steps along the way. For example:Typical Steps in Prep Process1) New Carpet2) Paint3) Professional CleaningNew Green Process1) Laminate hardwood floors installed using low-VOC adhesives/sealants. If carpet is a “must have,” use carpet, padding and adhesives that are Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label certified. Do not install carpet in basements, bathrooms and laundry rooms — places where moisture problems are more likely to occur. Use resilient flooring.2) Paint with no-VOC paints, using lead-safe standards.3) Hire a cleaning crew who uses green cleaning supplies and techniques.What if the former owner, or a home invader, busted all the toilets and stole all of the appliances? Look at this situation as an opportunity: replace the toilets with low-flow or dual-flush toilets and install Energy Star appliances.Also instead of putting an unhealthy house back on the market for the next homeowner to have to deal with those issues, implement lead, mold and radon mitigation techniques prior to listing,Your turnThese are my thoughts… What are some thoughts you have on the subject? What else could banks do to cost effectively green their foreclosure stock?last_img read more

Pakistan armyman held for terror links with Hizbul Tehrir

first_imgPakistan Army is under the scanner for alleged terror links once again. Brigadier Ali Khan, a serving Pakistan army officer, has been arrested by army officials for suspected links with a banned terror group. Reports say authorities detained Brigadier Khan for ties with defunct terror group Hizbul Tehrir. The report of the brigadier’s detention was confirmed by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Pakistani media has reported. The senior army officer Brigadier Ali Khan was posted at the GHQ.For more news on India, click here.For more news on Business, click here.For more news on Movies, click here.For more news on Sports, click here.last_img read more

New guncontrol recommendations due in the coming weeks minister says

first_imgOTTAWA — Federal minister Bill Blair says his ideas for new gun-control rules might come within weeks.Since August, Blair been working on ways to get handguns and assault rifles off Canada’s streets, with measures that might include anything from restrictions on sales to crackdowns on smuggling.Today he told reporters he hopes to complete the work soon and present a report to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.Part of Blair’s mandate as the minister for organized-crime reduction is supporting Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale’s Bill C-71, currently in its second reading in the Senate.The bill includes changes to the Firearms Act and Criminal Code.The Liberal government is concerned that the bill’s provisions won’t do enough to stop gang violence in large cities such as Toronto.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Mens soccer SIUEdwardsville pounces on OSU Buckeyes drop to 37

OSU junior forward Nate Kohl (27) heads the ball in the second half against SIU-Edwardsville at Jesse Owns Memorial Stadium on Sept. 28. Credit: Michelle McDonnell | Lantern PhotographerFor the Ohio State men’s soccer team, home field has provided a much needed advantage.Coming into Wednesday’s game, OSU was riding a three-game home winning streak, averaging 2.67 goals per game while only allowing 0.67 goals per game over that stretch.The home cooking would sizzle out as the Buckeyes lost a back-and-forth contest against Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 3-2, the first loss in their last four matches at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium.“It was a hard night,” OSU coach John Bluem said. “SIUE is struggling a little bit like we are so they were hungry to get a win. It felt like we were playing against 12 guys tonight.”The momentum was hard to grasp in the first period, as both teams seemed to score at will.Just eight minutes into the match, sophomore midfielder Abdi Mohamed floated a cross from the right side of the net to the left that allowed senior forward Danny Jensen to slide in and bury just past the goalkeeper, giving the Buckeyes an early 1-0 lead.It was the fourth goal of the season for Jensen, the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week.The teams traded goals right up to the whistle. As the Buckeyes looked to take a 2-1 lead into halftime, the Cougars continued to fight and were rewarded for their efforts.In the last 10 seconds of the period, SIUE senior midfielder Gabe Christianson was able to get a header to fall off a corner kick from senior defender Andrew Kendall-Moullin, tying the game up at two a piece just before the break.  The score would remain at 2-2 for most of the second period, but the Cougars would deal the final blow.With just two minutes remaining, SIUE junior forward Devyn Jambga took a heel-kick pass at the top of the box and launched the ball into the back right corner, handing the Buckeyes their first home loss since Aug. 28.The Cougars brought a couple familiar faces to Columbus.Head coach Mario Sanchez played under Bluem when the two were at Fresno State.“[Sanchez] was one of the best players I have ever had and I have been coaching Division I soccer for a long time,” Bluem said. “When he played for me he was a coach on the field and he is a very good coach now. I have a ton of respect for him.”Along with Sanchez, the Cougars brought to town a transfer from Ohio State, sophomore midfielder Greg Solawa. Solawa made five starts for the Buckeyes a year ago, appearing in 11 games.“It’s always fun coming into the game knowing that you’re going to play against a guy you used to play with,” said Austin Bergstrom, OSU senior defender. “You always want to be the one on top when the last whistle blows. Unfortunately, he got the best of us tonight.”Solawa recorded one assist in the game against OSU.Despite scoring both of their goals in the first period, the Buckeyes were statistically better in the second period, outshooting the Cougars 7-4 after getting outshot 7-3 in the first period.“I was happy that we did create more opportunities in the second half,” Bluem said. “I think we were hurt by some critical mistakes and that has kind of been the story of the season this year. We punish ourselves by making stupid mistakes.”The Buckeyes will have to find a way to fix their mistakes before Sunday, when they take on Big Ten foe Michigan State at home. While just 3-7 overall on the season, the Scarlet and Gray could advance to 3-1 in conference play with a win over the Spartans.“We learn the most from our losses,” Bergstrom said. “I think we just got to come out on Sunday and know that we can’t have any letdowns. We’ve got to go forward having our heads up.” read more

Gallery OSU vs Nebraska

Former OSU quarterback Cardale Jones chats with Cleveland Indians’ outfielder Michael Brantley and pitcher Josh Tomlin before the start of the Buckeyes game against Nebraska on Nov. 5. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo Editor The Ohio State Buckeyes took on the Nebraska Cornhuskers in a Big 10 match-up on Nov. 5. The Buckeyes came away with a 62-3 win.