3DS XL battery pack promises 21 hours between charges

first_imgWhen the 3DS XL first appeared we offered you 6 reasons why it was better than the smaller 3DS. One of those reasons was better battery life, which is rated at up to 8 hours compared to the original handheld’s 5 hours. But even that may not be long enough to keep some gamers happy.The 3DS XL is already a bit too big to be pocketable, so would adding an extended battery pack to the back make it too cumbersome to carry around and use? JTT Products doesn’t think so, and the Japanese company is set to offer a battery pack that extends the 3DS XL battery life to 21 hours.The video above shows a play time comparison between a 3DS XL %displayPrice% at %seller% with and without the battery pack while the same game is running on an attract loop. The standard 3DS battery is drained just before the clock hits 8 hours, but the extended battery keeps on going, failing 3 hours short of a full day of power. That’s because it is rated at 5,800mAh compared to the standard 1,750mAh battery the XL ships with.As the 3DS XL is so big, it makes sense that you can actually fit a large battery on the back without making it too thick to hold. I do wonder what it does to the weight of the handheld though, and your arms are sure to get tired holding it for extended periods of time.The cost of the battery pack is 9,980 yen, which is roughly $110 and is therefore not cheap at all. Still, if you regularly can’t get near a power outlet and want to carry on playing, it may be worth the investment. That’s also the recommended retail price with Japanese tax (10%)  included. If the battery pack heads to the US to e-tailers like Amazon, and without the tax applied, it is surely going to be a lot cheaper to pick up.JTT Products (translated), via Tiny Cartridgelast_img read more