Stealing stuff in Skyrim can be highly amusing

first_imgUnless you’ve been living under a rock you won’t have missed the advertising and build-up to what could be the biggest game of the year: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.If you’ve played an Elder Scrolls game before then the pre-order was probably made several weeks or even months ago. If Skyrim is your first adventure in this RPG series, then it looks as though you are in for a real treat. Metacritic has the game averaging 96% on Xbox 360 and PC, and just a few points behind at 94% on PS3.Inevitably, the reviews are followed by gameplay videos from players who have already spent hours in the Skyrim world. The one included below is the most amusing we have seen so far, and shows you how to go about stealing unnoticed in the game.The rules are simple: if someone sees you steal an item, then they will call out and probably attack you too. So how do you steal from a store with a watchful owner at the counter? Due to Skyrim’s wealth of object interactions, this player realized he could pick up a couple of wooden buckets and place them on character’s heads. They can no longer see, so he doesn’t get called out. Very clever.To demonstrate that the buckets work, he then removes them and the owner and his daughter notice he has stuffed pockets full of stolen goods on a rewatch it turns out he steals something else to get their attention. A fight ensues which he swiftly wins.Skyrim was already on my list of must-buys, but after watching this I think it’s coming off my Christmas list and being added to an online cart later today.via thesixthaxislast_img read more