GenosTVs new Cyclops remote would be perfect for your Google TV

first_imgAs televisions and set-top boxes become more computer-like, and people start using them more like home-theater PCs than just dumb displays, gadget makers are increasingly wrestling with the problem of remotes. People want their remotes to be small and uncomplicated, but you can’t easily cram a QWERTY keyboard into a small form-factor remote while maintaining both attractive design and a minimal footprint… as Sony discovered to their peril with their Google TV controller, an unsightly monstrosity.GenosTV’s Cyclops universal remote looks like it has a better take on the concept: a futuristic looking puck with an attractive, inlaid QWERTY design. Sure, it’s still probably going to confuse your grampa, and we suspect it’s not really very ergonomic to use, but even so… this certainly beats the pants off of some of the remotes we’ve been seeing lately.The Cyclops isn’t available yet, and there’s no price attached, but GenosTV will be showing it off at CES in January. Can’t wait to see how this one reviews.last_img read more