Grad student research awarded more than 980000

Ben Sylvester is one of 35 grad students receiving SSHRC funding this year.Brock graduate student researchers in humanities, social sciences, education and applied health sciences have received $982,500 from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).Thirty-five student research applications submitted by the Faculty of Graduate Studies were successful in the 2011 round of SSHRC funding.“The success of our applications, given the very competitive nature of graduate funding awards, is a strong measure of the calibre of graduate researchers and scholars in our programs,” said Mike Plyley, Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies.“Our graduate students play a vital role in the University’s research mission. The financial support is an investment that allows our students to focus exclusively on the task ahead of them and to make important contributions to the research culture at Brock.”The projects cover a range of topics, including:school experiences of female Muslims who wear the hijab in school settings where the majority of students are not MuslimBritish army strategy during the War of 1812the relations among psychopathy, aggression and empathythe psychological and physical outcomes of strength trainingThe SSHRC funding, which totals $121 million for 1,700 research projects across Canada for student and faculty researchers, was recently announced by Gary Goodyear, Minister of State (Science and Technology).Here’s a list of Brock’s successful applications for the SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships:DoctoralAshley Hosker, Psychology“Empathy and impulsivity: An examination of the casual mechanisms that underlie the relationship between psychopathic personality and physical aggression”Benjamin Sylvester, Applied Health Sciences“Understanding the relationship between psychological need satisfaction, well-being and performance through the mediational role of behavioural regulations”Victoria Tasker, Geography“A participatory approach to the integration of geospatial information for improved decision making in viticulture”Doctoral FellowshipsMay Al-Fartousi, Education“Unveiling Shi’i Religious Identities: Case Studies of Hijab in Culturally Homogeneous Canadian Schools”Megan Gordon, Education“Effectiveness of Ontario teacher education programs in preparing white teacher candidates to engage in race and racialization issues in the classroom”Jumoke Isekeije, Social Justice and Equity Studies“Online news forums: women’s alternative public sphere”Master’sJessica Alcock, Child and Youth Studies“Who is allowed to speak? A look at self-accounts of autism”Valerie Attewell, Applied Disability Studies“Dating relationships and use of communication technology while under the influence of alcohol using a high school sample”Sarah Baker, Education“Insights into the Individual Education Plan: Exploring multiple perspectives to enhance effective implementation”Andrew Bayer, Psychology“Effects of psychotherapy techniques on offender rehabilitation”Laura Berger, Popular Culture“Raunch culture and girls’ series fiction”Lindsey Cary, Psychology“Differential hiring of immigrants: The influence of individual differences”David Connors, History“A study of the organizational structure of the British command in Canada during the War of 1812”Scott Crozier, Applied Health Sciences“Musculature of a male experimenter on self-presentational concerns and maximal strength performance for the chest press and leg press”Julie Domitrek, Women Studies“From the ground-up and the top-down: New/activist and mass/mainstream media coverage of the Toronto G20 protests”Sarah Farrell, Child and Youth Studies“Families as authentic partners in literacy programs”Shawn Geniole, Psychology“PERSONALITY traits underlying costly and non-costly aggressive behaviour”Thomas Glasbergen, History“Cicero in 18th-century Britain”Susan Grouchy, Classics“An examination of political involvement in the Eleusinian mysteries in Classical Greece”Setareh Hooshmand, Psychology“Risk taking and depressive symptoms: A longitudinal study across adolescence”Matthew Horner, Psychology“The influence of body posture on children’s emotional perception”Steven Lee, History“Impact of the proposed Mackenzie Valley Pipeline: Aboriginal sovereignty, economic transformation and political change in the Northwest Territories”Jenna Lorusso, Applied Health Sciences“Examining perceived values of Physical Education; and the impact of those values on current and future Physical Education”Petre Lozinov, Psychology“Investigating the role of environmental factors on a victim’s response to forgive, acquiesce, or revenge”Caitlin Munn, Education“Exploring contested historical evidence in the Toronto District School Board’s course “Genocide: Historical and Contemporary Implications”Samantha Rohrig, Classics“Death and burial practices in the Roman province of Hispania”Grant Schrama, History“Byzantine influence on Viking society”Hafsah Shaikh, Child and Youth Studies“South Asian women’s negotiations of hybrid identities”Laurie Sherry-Kirk, Social Justice and Equity Studies“First Nations language recovery, esteem and cultural identity”Malvina Skorska, Psychology“Sexual orientation and (self-reported) height: a physical difference, a psychosocial difference, or both?”Connie Stowe, Child and Youth Studies“An autoethnographic journey between Two Worlds”Bruce Thompson, Visual Arts“Gender, bullying, contemporary culture and visual arts”Naomi Verton, English“Exploring feminist discourses as intertext in Angela Carter’s The BloodyChamber”Jade Wallace, English“The Dead Letters: A collection of Epistolary poetry”Christopher Walsh, Sociology“Ethically unemployed: an investigation of the moral regulation of Canadian manufacturing workers’ responses to displacement and unemployment” read more