Exhibit celebrates Delhi museums milestone

The Delhi Tobacco Museum is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a special exhibit showcasing its history and that of the land it sits on.“We wanted to highlight this area from its very beginnings to the present date,” said curator Carene Morrison.The museum, founded in 1979, is part of a project connected to Quance Park, whose property was given to the Township of Delhi by the Quance family.Visitors to the exhibit can take a look at the proposed plans from the 1970s and compare those visions to the present day.“The exhibit outlines the people involved in making the museum, the people that helped design it, and the progress it’s gone through over the years,” said assistant curator Angela Ferreira.The exhibit, which opened on April 5, continues to Dec. 20.“A lot of people think about tobacco and how important it was, and is, but there was a massive milling industry well before we even had tobacco,” Morrison said about the history connected to the exhibit.The curators hope the public will be able to take away the rich history the land has when they leave the exhibit.“This park has gone through so much over the last 150 years, there’s a lot of history that people don’t know about,” said Morrison.“Quance Park is so beautiful, it’s such a gem, but it’s so tucked away you might miss it as you’re driving along Highway 3. We just want to highlight all of the really neat things that went down in the park through its different periods.”The exhibit follows the land through its milling history, being handed to the county and the beautification process that has been going on for 45 [email protected] read more