Annan and Greek Prime Minister discuss regional issues including Cyprus

According to a readout of the meeting, Mr. Karamanlis thanked the Secretary-General for his efforts on Cyprus and expressed Greece’s continued desire for the reunification of the island and Greece’s support for Mr. Annan’s mission of good offices.The Secretary-General agreed that the goal must remain reunification, and in that context said it was important for the dust to settle and for all parties to reflect on the point that had been reached and its implications.He informed the Prime Minister that he would be reporting to the Security Council on his mission of good offices and it would be for the Council to review the situation and the prospects for the future.Last month, Greek Cypriots rejected in a referendum a plan put forward by the Secretary-General that would have created a United Cyprus Republic, comprised of a Greek Cypriot constituent state and a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and linked by a federal government. Sixty-five per cent of Turkish Cypriots approved the proposal.In addition to Cyprus, the Secretary-General and the Prime Minister also discussed Iraq, Kosovo and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. read more