News story: UK to tackle danger of the solar wind and find new Earth-like planets

first_img The UK’s involvement in the instruments onboard both of these missions underpins our separate industrial investment in SMILE and PLATO through our ongoing membership of the European Space Agency.SMILE is a prime example of scientific innovation underpinning the broader economy with real-world applications while PLATO’s innovative design is a game changer in Exoplanet science and our investment will ensure UK scientists and engineers will be leading participants in all aspects of the mission. The UK funding is to develop a Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) instrument, being led by the University of Leicester, with scientific mission leadership at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, and support from the Open University, ahead of launch in 2023.Professor Paul Monks, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of College of Science and Engineering, University of Leicester, said: This commits UK engineers to deliver a detector system that allows UK scientists to identify Earth-like exoplanets in the habitable zones of Sun-like stars using software created in the UK. These planets will be close enough to facilitate a historic search for signs of life in their atmospheres using the next generation of large telescopes. For the first time we will start to understand if life exists beyond the solar system. National funding for these missions is in addition to the UK’s regular contributions to the European Space Agency’s science programme.Chris Lee, Chief Scientist at the UK Space Agency, said: PLATOPlanned to launch in 2026, PLATO will monitor thousands of relatively bright stars over a large area of the sky, searching for tiny, regular dips in brightness as their planets cross in front of them, temporarily blocking out a small fraction of the starlight.Astronomers have so far found over 3,000 planets beyond our Solar System which are called exoplanets, but none, as yet, has been shown to be truly Earth-like in terms of its size and distance from a Sun similar to our own.PLATO’s innovative design is set to change all that. Its suite of multiple small telescopes and cameras, reminiscent of the compound eye of an insect, will allow it to ‘stare’ at a large number of the nearest and brightest stars, with the aim of discovering Earth-sized planets orbiting Sun-like stars in the ‘habitable zone’ – the distance from the star where liquid water could exist at the surface.Professor Don Pollacco, University of Warwick, which leads the PLATO Science Management Consortium, said: We are delighted to be leading the development of the SXI instrument at the University of Leicester, building on our long heritage of cutting-edge space research and instrumentation. SXI will be the first instrument to provide true global imaging of the solar wind exchange process within the magnetosphere. The results of which will have meaningful implications for safeguarding our environment on Earth.center_img Rare extreme space weather could disrupt modern technology by causing geomagnetic storms affecting satellite navigation, shortwave communications and power grids. A recent ESA study estimated the potential socio-economic impact in Europe from a single, extreme space weather event could reach €15 billion. Much of this disruption could be avoided through accurate forecasting.Prof Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, SMILE mission Co-Principal Investigator at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, said: The Solar wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer (SMILE) mission will study how the solar wind interacts with the Earth’s magnetosphere, which can impact on satellites, power grids and communications networks integral to our modern lives.The new funding from the UK Space Agency brings the total UK investment in the SMILE instruments to £10 million and will build on the significant expertise found in universities across the country in the design and development of cutting-edge space science.What is space weather?The Science Minister also announced the UK’s agreement with partners including the European Space Agency in a second mission, called Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars (PLATO), which will search for Earth-like planets orbiting alien stars.The UK Space Agency has invested £25 million in innovative science for the PLATO mission, scientifically led by the University of Warwick.Science Minister Chris Skidmore said: These two exciting space missions are brilliant examples of the UK’s space industry’s innovation and expertise. Space weather – such as solar wind – is a potential threat to our communications systems here on Earth so this research examining how the wind interacts with our planet’s electromagnetic system is important. Meanwhile, work to discover Earth-like planets around other stars may eventually lead to us answering the question of whether extra-terrestrial life exists. This £35 million of space science funding is part of our ambitious Industrial Strategy, boosting research investment and helping the UK’s space sector to thrive. Space weather remains one of the biggest risks facing humanity and SMILE will make a fundamental contribution in furthering our scientific understanding to help mitigate its impact. I am thrilled that we have achieved this significant milestone in the development of SMILE and the mission is now incorporated in the ESA Cosmic Vision programme. This is a crucial step for the UK institutes collaborating to make SMILE a success, and in particular its Soft X-ray Imager which is led by the University of Leicester, as adoption by ESA is a necessary step to secure funding from the UK Space Agency to support the development of SMILE to launch in 2023.last_img read more

Allman Brothers Biographer Alan Paul & Brandon “Taz” Niederauer To Host “A Tribute To Butch Trucks” In NYC

first_imgThe best way to celebrate the life of Butch Trucks is through music. The co-founding drummer of the Allman Brothers Band tragically passed away on January 24th, 2017, leaving fans to grieve the loss of a true rock and roll icon. Esteemed journalist and ABB biographer Alan Paul, author of One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band, will host “A Tribute To Butch Trucks” night on Wednesday, March 1st at American Beauty NYC with his Big In China band, welcoming special guests Andy Aledort (Dickey Betts Band), Peter Levin (Gregg Allman Band), Junior Mack (Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band), and more.The Brandon Niederauer Band will open the night, completing the circle of Allman Brothers Band family and friends. Young “Taz” attended Trucks’ first-ever Roots Rock Revival, a 4-night intensive Music Masters Camp, and has returned every year since. It was there that the nine-year-old played before his idols on stage for the first time, and it was then that he was officially welcomed with open arms. The Trucks-hosted event was also where Niederauer met biographer Alan Paul, and now they will play it forward together.Roots Rock Revival will continue in his honor, welcoming new artists TBA in addition to the torch carriers Oteil Burbridge, Luther Dickinson, and Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars. The tribute concert will also serve as an unofficial reunion for those who have attended over the last four years, and for the extended family and friends of New York who seek a place to come together during this extraordinarily sad time and celebrate his music.Proceeds from “A Tribute To Butch Trucks” will be donated to the Allman Brothers Band’s Museum at the The Big House under his name. You can buy tickets here.– SHOW INFO –Band: Alan Paul and his Big In China Band w/ Andy Aledort (Dickey Betts Band), Peter Levin (Gregg Allman Band), Junior Mack (Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band), and more members of the extended Allman Brothers family. Special Guest: The Brandon Niederauer Band.Venue: American Beauty NYC – 251 W. 30th Street – New York, NY 10001Date: Wednesday – March 1st, 2017Time: Doors 7pm / Show 8pmTickets: $20adv / $25dosBuy Tickets. All proceeds go to the Allman Brothers Band Museum at the Big House under Butch’s name.last_img read more

President of Magnetrol International discusses values-driven company culture

first_imgJohn Heiser, president and chief operating officer of Magnetrol International, Inc., discussed his leadership journey and creating a values-driven organizational culture during his lecture Wednesday night in the Mendoza College of Business’ Jordan Auditorium. The talk was the second lecture of the 2017 Berges Lecture Series in Business Ethics.Heiser began his career as a maritime litigator after graduating from Tulane University’s law school. His decided that law was not the right career choice during one case where he listened to a four-hour debate on the definition of “perishable” when he was waiting to obtain a motion for his client’s case.“At that point, I had this intervention that said I don’t want to spend the rest of my life doing this,” he said.Upon the realization, Heiser decided to move to the chemical production company DuPont. His career move led him to his first lesson in leadership, which was being open-minded about taking new paths.“You’ve got to be open to exploring new opportunities,” he said. “You’ve got to be open to saying, ‘You know what, this isn’t want I expected. Maybe I should try this; maybe I should try that.’”Here, Heiser realized his second lesson of leadership, which was the power of stakeholder engagement.At DuPont, Heiser was responsible for launching a product to help people affected by HIV and AIDS. Heiser described how the activist community at the time spoke against pharmaceutical companies producing the HIV and AIDS drug products due to pricing and other concerns, so he wanted to take steps to embrace this community, including by hiring several activists.“We were not only going to understand the patient community that we were dealing with, but we were going to work with the activist community and engage them in how we were going to price this product and go to market,” he said. “… This is when I first realized and learned the concept of shared value where we could do things that would maximize profit for the organization. … But we also recognized that we could actually make a different for society.”Other lessons Heiser learned during his leadership journey included the powers of perseverance, resilience and internal and external feedback.“As a leader, I would tell you there’s nothing more important than your ability to receive feedback from others and process it, and more importantly, for me, to do self-reflection,” he said.Heiser also talked about his time at Magnetrol, which is a company that manufactures radar and radar equipment to measure levels of fluid. Though the company had grown considerably from its roots in a garage, Heiser said it had lost its way by 2015 when he took over as president. He attributed this deterioration to the fact that the company rewarded employees based on years of service and attendance as opposed to merit.Heiser said he sought to fix the problem with a more values-driven approach.“We had to change the culture, and we had to start at the senior level,” he said.Today, Heiser said Magnetrol has several core values including the idea of “performance [and] no excuses,” which Heiser said means the company needs to be action-oriented, especially with the commitments it made to its stakeholders.Heiser said another core value is “everybody deserves special treatment.”“What that means is we don’t leave the human condition at the door,” he said.The final Magnetrol value, according to Heiser, is that business is a social institution, which means Magnetrol has an obligation to multiple stakeholders and that it will deliver on those obligations.Magnetrol’s culture change has not been without its struggles, Heiser explained. Under Heiser, Magnetrol implemented a “Giving Voice to Values” program, which had the lowest participation rate company-wide with the U.S. management team.“How am I going to get a culture change in the U.S. if I’ve got a management team that [has the lowest participation numbers]?” he said. “… That’s actually been one of our biggest problems is getting managers out of this command and control situation.”Tags: Berges Lecture Series, Inc., Magnetrol International, mendoza college of businesslast_img read more

Long Island Pols Launch Campaign For New York Paid Family Leave

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages (D-Elmont) was cradling her child at a podium Friday during an event advocating for paid family leave in New York State when she began to decry “bare bones” relief provided under federal law.As if right on cue, her son Nicholas let out what many in the room interpreted as a disgruntled groan—prompting the contingent at Planned Parenthood of Nassau County to burst into laughter.Like his mother, Nicholas apparently had his mind made up on the issue.“I can’t imagine anyone who would have to go back to work after one week because they had to choose between their family and a paycheck,” Solages, the proud new mother, said.Solages and about a dozen other elected officials gathered Friday for the official launch of their campaign, which calls on the New York State Legislature to act on the issue, this session. Those supporting the measure aren’t alone—Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also made paid family leave a priority of his 2016 agenda, along with a $15 minimum wage.The launch attracted Democrats representing local municipalities, the Nassau County Legislature, and the New York State Assembly. Collectively, they are seeking 12 weeks of paid leave for workers, which would amount to two-thirds of an individual’s salary. The contingent did not offer specifics on how the program would be funded, but Cuomo has said his plan would be paid for through deductions from workers’ paychecks of 70 cents, followed by a $1.47 deduction by 2021.“The idea of going back to work after a week is stunning,” said Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky, the Long Beach Democrat who is running for disgraced ex-Senator Dean Skelos’ vacant seat. His colleague in the Assembly, Charles Lavine (D-Glen Cove), compared New York’s lack of funding for absent workers to that of California, which he praised for being hospitable to workers with familial obligations. Lavine and his wife spent most of January in Oakland, Calif., he said, as they awaited the birth of their grandchild, and he couldn’t help but notice the disparity.“California’s system is much more advanced in terms of protecting its citizens than is our system in the state of New York,” said Lavine, adding that paid family leave is a “human right.”“Luck shouldn’t determine who gets to look out for their family members who are in need,” he added.Hempstead Town Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby said those most in need of assistance are low-income workers who can’t afford to abstain from their job for a long period of time.“We need that desperately,” she said of paid family leave.According to federal statistics, the percentage of U.S. private sector workers who have access to paid family leave is nominal: only 12 percent.The United States has the oft-lampooned distinction of being only one of three nations in the world that doesn’t offer paid family leave, along with Papua New Guinea and Suriname.Joann Smith, CEO and President of Nassau County Planned Parenthood, said five of her workers are currently pregnant. As of now, they’d have to use a combination of sick leave and vacation time to ensure steady paychecks while caring for their newborns. “New York has always been a leader in healthcare,” Smith said. “We need to continue this.”Advocates also mentioned how unforeseen circumstances, such as health issues, could increase the pressure on parents to stay at home to care for children, or other family members. It was a decade ago that Lorena Bowie, outreach coordinator for the family advocacy nonprofit Every Child Matters, had to quit her job at another nonprofit to care for her daughter, who was stricken with Vesicoureteral reflux, which affects the kidney. Doctor visits led to surgery, followed by multiple 15-day stints at the hospital. Bowie remained by her daughter’s side each time she was admitted, because, as she said, “I was nursing, so there was nobody else to be able to feed my child.”“As a new mom, I had no other choice but to take off from work,” Bowie said.As her attention diverted to her sick daughter, bills began piling up. Had their been resources offered to her back then, financial trouble would’ve been the least of her worries, she noted. With her daughter now healthy, Bowie has been able to concentrate her efforts on ensuring other women get the help they need. “It’s very important for us as mothers to be there for our children,” she said.last_img read more

​Norges Bank acknowledges gaps remain in Tangen hiring

first_imgTangen is due to become chief executive officer of NBIM in September, replacing Yngve Slyngstad.In a letter dated yesterday, Julie Brodtkorb, leader of the council – which consists of 15 members appointed by parliament – provided Norwegian lawmakers with details of the panel’s to-and-fro with Norges Bank’s executive board over the last few months, in which it had challenged the bank on various problems related to the controversial hiring.She highlighted issues that remained unresolved, such as the possible continued flow of information between Tangen and the charitable AKO Foundation he started – and from which he is to be separated for the duration of his employment at NBIM – via members and a trustee of the foundations who have close ties to Tangen.The council also noted that the employment contract Olsen had signed went beyond the framework that applied to all employees of the bank, despite the bank having said that employment terms at Norges Bank were the same for all, whether they were leaders or other staff.“There has been great public interest in this matter,” Brodtkorb wrote.“As a oversight body, the supervisory council has been aiming to see whether the framework for the bank’s activities has been followed,” she said.Norges Bank’s executive board and its governor, rather than the council, were responsible for following up the future CEO’s compliance with the contractual framework for the whole period of his employment, the council’s leader said.“Controlling remaining risks and establishing a framework for how to handle risks will be an important task for Norges Bank, the executive board and the governor, going forward,” she said.“Since not all agreements have yet been finalised, the supervisory council notes that adequate internal control measures still need to be established,” the letter ended.Looking for IPE’s latest magazine? Read the digital edition here. Despite last month’s signing of the employment contract installing hedge fund billionaire Nicolai Tangen as the next leader of Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, the central bank has admitted safeguards against conflicts of interest are not fully in place.Norges Bank, which runs the NOK10.2trn (€942bn) Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) via its Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) department, conceded in response to a letter from its Supervisory Council to parliament on the knotty saga that some work still needed to be done.The central bank’s Governor Øystein Olsen said in a statement: “We note that the Supervisory Council points out that not all agreements have yet been finalised and that adequate internal control measures have yet to be put in place.“We are about to complete this work, and it will be in place as planned when Nicolai Tangen takes up his position,” he said.last_img read more

Duterte seeks ‘clear proof’ vs Albayalde in ‘ninja cops’ case

first_imgIn a speech following his arrival from Russiaon Sunday, President Duterte said he wants “clearproof” of his embattled police chief’s allegedinvolvement in drug recycling before making any judgment. The President added: “it cannot be transferred from the lowest to the highest-ranking officer unless there is a conspiracy. I have to consult everybody. Maya maya madapa na naman tapos ako ang magkaroon ng problema.” “Eh kung‘yung mga criminal binibigyan mong presumption of innocence…You know, Albayalde is the PNP chief. Give me aclear proof na talagang he was thereon the trafficking of drugs,” Duterte said. “Just give me proof, kasi abogado ako e. You know, there is a legal basis we have to follow. Guilt is personal. That is why you have to hear before you condemn because guilt is personal,” Duterte said. Last week, Baguio City mayor and former PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group chief Benjamin Magalong claimed that Albayalde intervened to stop the dismissal of 13 ninja cops in Pampanga in 2013, when he was the province’s police chief.center_img Meanwhile, the PNP vowed to fully cooperate with the investigations being conducted by the Senate, Department of Justice, and Department of the Interior and Local Government which oversees the police force./PN MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterteunderscored the need to respect due process amid the “ninja cops” and drugrecycling controversy hounding the Philippine Nation Police (PNP) and its chiefGeneral Oscar Albayalde. “Give me a clear proof na talagang he was there on the trafficking of drugs,” says President Rodrigo Duterte defending Philippine Nation Police chief General Oscar Albayalde against the drug recycling controversy. last_img read more

Decatur County REMC Receives $5 Million Federal Loan

first_imgWASHINGTON, D.C. – Decatur County REMC is receiving a $5 million loan through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Thursday $1.4 billion in loan guarantees to improve the delivery of electric power to rural communities in 21 states.Decatur County REMC received the 5-million dollars to build or improve 49 miles of line, and make other system improvements. The loan amount includes $96,900 for smart grid projects.The Greensburg-based company is the only recipient in Indiana.last_img read more

JUST-IN: Gabriel ‘lands in London to complete £27m Arsenal transfer’

first_img Loading… Promoted ContentWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Who Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?8 Things You Didn’t Know About CoffeeBest Car Manufacturers In The WorldThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreDeepika Padukone’s Most Memorable Looks8 Addictive And Fun Coffee FactsThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?Who Earns More Than Ronaldo?8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its Growth6 Best Natural History Museums In The World Flight Radar pictures on Twitter show private jet number E55P landing at Luton airport. Earlier this week Romano tweeted: “Gabriel Magalhaes to Arsenal, here we go! “Total agreement just completed: he will fly on Monday to London to sign his contract until June 2025, €30M to Lille (add ons included), official statement on next week. The deal is finally done.” The centre-back is set to sign a five-year-deal. Lille centre-back, Gabriel Magalhaes, has reportedly landed in London to complete his £27million move to Arsenal. The Brazilian was also a Manchester United and Napoli target but they look to have been beaten to the defender’s signature by the Gunners. United, Napoli and Paris Saint-Germain were looking to hijack Arsenal’s move, but Mikel Arteta convinced Magalhaes to join his side. The defender was said to be awestruck by a phone call with Arsenal’s Spanish boss which has made him pick the Emirates. But in a blow for the 22-year-old, his preferred No4 shirt is not available for him – with his future defensive partner William Saliba taking the number off Mohamed Elneny a few weeks ago. Gabriel has worn the No4 jersey at Lille since the 2018/19 season. read also:Arsenal deny Gabriel favoured No4 shirt Should he be patient, he could wear the No5 top with Sokratis being eyed up by Napoli after they failed to land the ex-Dinamo Zagreb loanee. The No6 shirt seems to be the most likely with the number being vacant since Laurent Koscienly joined Bordeaux last year. Gabriel will be the second Brazilian to have linked up with Arsenal this transfer window after Willian signed on a free transfer. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

Juanita Lou Ward Beall, 93

first_imgJuanita Lou Ward Beall, 93, of Clarksburg passed away on May 31, 2020.  She was born on April 5, 1927 in Decatur County, the daughter of Eli and Alice Miers Ward.  Juanita was a 1945 graduate of Withrow High School. She went on to study Education at Cincinnati Bible College, Harding College, University of Cincinnati, and Ball State and finished with her Master’s Degree in Education. Juanita was a school Teacher in New Jersey, Milroy, Sandusky, and Jackson; she retired in 1973. On December 27, 1956 she married Allan L. Beall and together they had two children Barbara and John. She was a member of the Clarksburg Christian Church.Survivors include her children, Barbara (Michael Matracia) Riordan of Indianapolis, IN and John (Lezlee) Beall of Blacksburg, VA and three grandchildren, Michael Riordan, Dana Riordan and Evan Beall. She was preceded in death by her parents and husband.Visitation for family and friends will be held on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm observing CDC precautions at the Gilliland-Howe Funeral Home. A Facebook Live Funeral Service will be held on Thursday at 11:00 AM with Rev. Jerran Jackson officiating. You can view by liking the Gilliland-Howe Funeral Home page on Facebook. Burial will follow at the Springhill Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to the Clarksburg Christian Church. Online condolences may be made to the family at read more

Shrill hits the high notes at Navan for Willie McCreery

first_img Press Association Willie McCreery’s charge was sent off a 4-1 chance on her first start in handicap company and after being held up by Robbie Downey, she struck the front a furlong out. Blood Moon emerged from the pack as the main challenger, but Shrill was far too strong, coming home a length to the good. Shrill banished the memory of her heavy defeat in a Newbury Listed race last time with a convincing win in the Irish Stallion Farms EBF Premier Nursery Handicap at Navan.center_img McCreery said: “We wanted to take weight off her and myself and Billy Lee (McCreery’s regular jockey) discussed it and came up with Robbie; it was important to take the weight off as she’s only small. “It’s great to get her back after running badly in Newbury but that was probably my fault as the ground didn’t suit. “She’s an out-and-out five furlong filly and this was a nice pot to win. “She’s a smart filly and we’ll keep her going as long as we get the ground.” last_img read more