Hunt, Lucas help Oregon State beat Utah 75-70

first_img Tags: Gianni Hunt/Jarod Lucas/Oregon State Beavers/Pac-12/Utah Runnin’ Utes Basketball FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Gianni Hunt had a career-high tying 17 points, Jarod Lucas scored 13 of his 16 in the second half, and Oregon State beat Utah 75-70.Warith Alatishe added 10 points, 10 rebounds, four assists and a career-best four steals for Oregon State. There were 19 lead changes and seven ties, and neither team led by more than six points, before Roman Silva and Ethan Thompson made back-to-back layup and Hunt hit his final 3 in a 58-second span to give OSU a the lead for good at 67-60 with 5:34 to play.Utah twice trimmed its deficit to two points but got no closer. Timmy Allen had 23 points, five rebounds and six assist for Utah. Written by Associated Press March 3, 2021 /Sports News – Local Hunt, Lucas help Oregon State beat Utah 75-70last_img read more

DNV GL unveils concept for live asset risk assessment using digital twins

first_img Image: DNV GL has unveiled the Probabilistic Digital Twin (PDT) concept at Offshore Europe 2019.Photo: courtesy of DNV GL. A digital twin is a digital “mirror” of a physical asset, including models of its structure and dynamics which are updated through a combination of multiple data sources. They bring significant benefits for data management and decision making, providing a consistent, accurate single source of information.Risk models are rarely brought forward into operations – they typically exist separately within engineering, operations and health and safety disciplines – and are mostly used in desk studies, based on analyzing historical data and offering only a static picture of potential risks.In reality, risk is dynamic, varying in time with operational conditions and the condition of the asset, but this is not captured by current risk models which are seldom updated and lack real-time and prediction capabilities.Liv A. Hovem, CEO, DNV GL – Oil & Gas said: “A single, unscheduled downtime event can cost from $2 to $5 million per day – better and up-to-date risk information may significantly reduce unplanned or unnecessary downtime.“Our proposed Probabilistic Digital Twin is designed to bring risk analysis into ‘live’ use. Their creation would add a layer of probabilistic risk modelling to existing digital twins, capturing uncertainty, the effect of new knowledge and actual conditions on operational performance and safety.“By providing a more up-to-date and asset-specific risk picture, a PDT allows operators to adjust operations or take preventive actions to maintain an acceptable risk level at all times. This will enhance safety and reduce expensive downtime.”The Probabilistic Digital Twin concept was unveiled at Offshore Europe 2019, by; Dr. Frank Børre Pedersen, Programme director Oil & Gas at DNV GL’s Group Technology and Research unit; and senior research scientist Dr. Andreas Hafver.“DNV GL is prepared for a future where our clients will have digital twins of all their assets, having encouraged their use in multiple industries. Many of our clients are building and maintaining digital twins of their assets. The PDT allows us and our clients to take advantage of all the information such twins contain to improve risk assessments,” said Frank Børre Pedersen.“The Probabilistic Digital Twin is not an alternative, but an evolution of the digital twin – expanding it into the risk analysis space. It is a new way of delivering risk analysis – continuously and in a digital format, adding more value in day-to-day decision making.”A PDT may include reliability and degradation models to predict the remaining lifetime of mechanical components. However, it is more than a predictive maintenance tool. Risk is not only about component failures, but also about exposure to hazards and how the asset is operated. A PDT can say something about the overall impact on safety, by combining reliability models with models of the hazard exposure and the consequences if something goes wrong.The main elements which distinguish a probabilistic digital twin from traditional digital twins are:Probabilistic degradation and failure models, reflecting uncertainty and variability of conditions and processes that affect performance and lead to failures.Logic and relational models, relating performance variables to failures and loss events.Surrogate models, approximating heavier simulation models, allowing fast queries and enabling propagation of uncertainty and model coupling. Source: Company Press Release DNV GL proposes the “Probabilistic Digital Twin” (PDT) to close the gap between digital twins – used increasingly by operators to manage the performance of their assets – and risk analysis still largely conducted manually before assets enter servicelast_img read more

Small entertainer still at large

first_imgThe victim of violent assault and theft was left lying on the ground at the St Hugh’s Ball in the early hours of last Sunday morning. The attacker, who was wearing a top hat, is believed to have been dressed as a juggler.The sequence of events leading up to the assault begun in jest, but took an ominous turn when the student, who wished to remain anonymous, was hit so forcefully that she was knocked to the ground. Following this, her phone was allegedly snatched by the same stranger who had just hit her.The student explained what happened: “We were standing near to the stranger and my friends thought it would be funny to take his top hat. It was done instantaneously, in a jovial manner.“As soon as my friends had ran away with the hat, the man aggressively turned on me. I told him I did not know who the other girls were who had taken his hat. I just said this because I was scared of his aggressive manner.”It was after this that the alleged assault took place. The student said, “I was holding my phone in my hand and he tried to wrestle it from me. Suddenly I felt some kind of hit, which knocked me to the ground. I was completely in shock as he ran off with my phone. By the time I had picked myself up, he had gone.”The assault took place at around 2.30am in the main marquee, while the Queen tribute band was playing. After the assault, the student was taken by the security guard to receive first aid. She has subsequently reported the incident to the police who are treating it as “snatch theft”.It is believed that the stranger was much too old to be a student. The victim of the assault recalled that her assailant had a shaved head with stubble, and was of particularly small stature.The other distinguishing feature about the stranger was his large top hat. The ball committee are currently in possession of this hat, which they are treating as a vital piece of evidence in their search for the stranger. The hat was handed to Eleanor Hale, President of the Ball Committee, at the end of the evening. Hale said, “I think it is really unlikely for the mugger to have been another student. He may have been a gatecrasher, but the fact that he had a hat – the one that the juggler was wearing – means he may well have been one of the jugglers.”The student had been working at the St Hugh’s Ball as an assistant supervisor at the main stage until 11pm. Jeff Pole was in charge of the staff on the night, and has been involved in identifying the culprit. He said, “Quite a few people on the ball committee think it could be a juggler. We want to track down who the culprit was, and we are definitely going to follow this up.”Zoe Burges, who was in charge of entertainment on the ball committee, urged caution in jumping to conclusions. She said, “The hat is very similar to that of our entertainment people. The problem is that anyone could have been wearing the hat – an audience member perhaps.” She confirmed that the committee had been in contact with various entertainment companies in an attempt to identify the mystery attacker.A spokesperson from Thames Valley Police said, “The incident was reported to us on Monday the 10th April. We were notified of an incident which occurred on Sunday 9th April at 2.30am at St Hugh’s College on St Margarets Road.“The offender became aggressive and is believed to have hit the aggrieved, knocking her to the ground, and taking her mobile phone. We are treating the incident as robbery, specifically as snatch theft.“We certainly will be launching an investigation into finding the culprit, and we will pursue all avenues of enquiry.”Speaking of the ball in general, Eleanor Hale said, “Everything went really well, there was a really positive atmosphere. There was a bit of jostling at the tea party, and a few people were ejected due to drunkenness, but this violent mugging was a completely isolated incident.”last_img read more

Ocean City Holiday Trash Schedule

first_imgThe following is the HOLIDAY TRASH, RECYCLING & YARD WASTE SCHEDULE effective for the weeks of Dec. 25 – 30, 2017 and Jan. 1 to 6, 2018:Mon: NO COLLECTION ~ Merry Christmas and Happy New YearTue: So. Side of 34th Street to 59th StreetWed: So. Side of 17th St. to No. Side of 34th St.Thu: So. Side of 9th St. to No. Side of 17th St.Fri: So. Side of 3rd St. to No. Side of 9th St.Sat: Longport Bridge to No. Side of 3rd St.last_img

David Gilmour Plays His First US Concert In Ten Years, With Help From David Crosby

first_imgEdit this setlist | More David Gilmour setlists With great anticipation, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour returned to the spotlight once more, playing his first concert on US soil since 2006! The beloved guitarist recently released Rattle That Lock, and has performed for Europe a number of times in the past few months. Last night, however, Gilmour brought his rockin’ show to the Hollywood Bowl, where he welcomed David Crosby for a significant portion of the show.As the setlist tells us, Gilmour opened with a few tracks from his new album, including “5 A.M.,” “Rattle That Lock,” and “Faces of Stone.” From there, he went into “Wish You Were Here,” flooding the crowd with nostalgia. While YouTube seems to be removing any videos of the show, this one has remained available:After “Wish You Were Here,” Gilmour welcomed out Crosby, who revived collaborations from Gilmour’s 2006 album, On An Island. Crosby would later return for a couple more songs, including “Comfortably Numb” as the show’s finale.The full setlist can be seen below:Edit this setlist | More David Gilmour setlistslast_img read more

ITaaS can Increase Efficiency and Reduce Cost While also Supporting IT Transformation

first_img1 ESG Research Insights Brief, ‘Automated IT Service Delivery Drives IT Transformation and Business Value’, May 2018.2 ESG Research Insights Paper, ‘Research Proves IT Transformation’s Persistent Link to Agility, Innovation, and Business Value’, March 2018. Discover how implementing automated IT service delivery can help organizations to realize significant business benefits as they work towards transforming their IT infrastructure.In the last of a series of blogs inspired by influential research published by industry analyst ESG, we explore the impact that implementing automated IT service delivery can have on an organization’s ability to achieve IT Transformation. Of all the ways an organization can modernize and automate its IT infrastructure, opting to adopt an IT as a Service cloud operating model is one of the most effective in terms of making progress towards full IT Transformation.With IT as a Service (ITaaS), much of the infrastructure provisioning, configuration and change management is automated. This means that line of business end-users and developers are largely able to self-serve and manage on-premises IT resources as and when their needs and workload demands change.In an organization that’s successfully running ITaaS, management and orchestration software and API workflows combine to automate the delivery of services through hybrid and multi-cloud architectures ­– delivering a user experience that’s timely, responsive, cost transparent and sufficiently agile to fuel innovation.The advantages of automated IT service delivery While successfully leveraging automated IT service delivery is a key measurement of broader IT Transformation, it also offers major operational benefits on its own.New research by industry analyst ESG1 has shown that there’s a positive correlation between running an ITaaS cloud operating model and increased IT and business agility, more streamlined operations, improved end-user satisfaction and – perhaps most importantly – greater business success.One of the core functions of a cloud operations model is to reduce IT operational ‘friction’ – in everything from defining workload requirements and procuring infrastructure, all the way through to integrating and deploying systems. At organizations running ITaaS, requirements come straight from end-users; they select what they need from an IT-vetted service catalog. The infrastructure to fulfill their ‘orders’ is allocated from the organization’s highly virtualized and automated data center resources. It’s an approach that eliminates meetings, wait times and deployment times – leading to both greater IT agility and improved business agility.Running ITaaS also removes manual IT-related bottlenecks to service delivery, which yields significant efficiency benefits across an organization. These include IT projects being completed under budget and IT staff being freed up from routine tasks such as deploying, managing, and monitoring infrastructure to focus on higher-value activities such as IT architecting, planning, and application development.But that’s not all. To top it off, organizations running ITaaS also report higher levels of business success and being more optimistic about their competitive positions compared with companies that are yet to explore the advantages of automated IT service delivery.How does implementing ITaaS affect IT maturity?The new research study demonstrates that making the move to automated IT service delivery can play a key role in increasing an organization’s operational agility as well as its ability to achieve full IT Transformation.Earlier this year, ESG conducted a survey of 4,000 IT executives from private- and public-sector organizations across 16 countries to evaluate their progress in embracing IT Transformation2 – and rank them as ‘Legacy’, ‘Emerging’, ‘Evolving’ or ‘Transformed’.It discovered that ‘Transformed’ companies were nearly 10X more likely to be running ITaaS than ‘Evolving’ organizations (58% versus 6%). Of particular note was the fact that not one of the ‘Emerging’ and ‘Legacy’ organizations surveyed by ESG reported using ITaaS.These statistics are now detailed in ESG’s Research Insights Brief on the fundamental role that automated IT service delivery plays in IT Transformation1.ITaaS delivers clear benefits and supports IT TransformationOverall, the ESG research found that moving to automated IT service delivery delivers significant operational and wider business benefits.Compared with ‘Legacy’ organizations, the ‘Transformed’ organizations in the study – those companies that are leveraging ITaaS – are typically:5X more likely to be ahead of their competitors in time to market (76% versus 14%).Nearly 15X more likely to report completing application deployments ahead of schedule (44% versus 3%).5X more likely to operate an on-site infrastructure that’s as cost-effective (or more so) than the public cloud (71% versus 27%).5X more likely to exceed their revenue goals by more than 10%.Completing 13% more projects ahead of schedule.Do you have customers and prospects who would be interested in achieving this level of business success and operational efficiency? Of course you do! Take the time to introduce them to the business benefits that automated IT service delivery can bring to their organizations…Read and share the full ESG Research Insights Brief >>Discover how ITaaS can help to improve organizations’ operational performance and speak to prospects and customers to discuss their specific needs. You can also use the free ESG online assessment tool with them to demonstrate the opportunities and value of IT Transformation.Explore our dedicated IT Transformation campaign and marketing tools >>last_img read more

Traffic safety voice Sgt. Tim McCarthy dies

first_imgNotre Dame athletics announced in a tweet Friday that Indiana State Police Sgt. Tim McCarthy, a former member of the game day football traffic task force, died this week.“We pray for all who loved Tim & join them in celebrating his life,” the tweet said. McCarthy gave safety messages — featuring a pun — at the end of the third quarter of every Notre Dame home football game for 55 years.He first started the tradition in 1960 and told his last live pun Sept. 26, 2015. Today, recordings of his messages are still played at home games, which always begin with his famous catchphrase, “May I have your attention, please?”McCarthy was awarded an honorary monogram by the University in 2013.Tags: Indiana State Police, Notre Dame Stadium, Tim McCarthylast_img read more

Panama: More than 1,300 kilos of cocaine seized in Caribbean

first_img PANAMA CITY – Panamanian authorities seized 1,362 kilos (3,003 pounds) of cocaine stacked in an abandoned speedboat in Cocoyé, a beach in the Caribbean, the National Aeronaval Service said on Aug. 20. The alleged narco-traffickers abandoned the speedboat when they saw the police approaching, according to National Aeronaval Service Deputy Commissioner Jorge Yanis. “There were no detainees because the suspects left during the night hours, jumping to the beach and leaving [the narcotics] behind,” Yanis said. Authorities found 57 packages of cocaine in the boat and two other speedboats nearby. Yanis said the narcotics were probably bound for the United States. The seizure occurred after Colombian authorities alerted Panama to a suspicious speedboat departing from the Urabá gulf, in the Colombian Caribbean, which borders Panama. So far this year, Panamanian law agents have seized 22 tons of narcotics. [AFP (Panama), 20/08/2012; (Panama), 20/08/2012] By Dialogo August 21, 2012last_img read more

Brentwood Armed Home Invasion Victim Pistol-whipped

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Suffolk County police are investigating an armed home invasion in Brentwood that ended with a victim being pistol-whipped on New Year’s Eve.Two men, one of whom was armed with a gun, entered a Brentwood Parkway home through a window, demanded money from a victim inside and hit the victim with the gun before fleeing with money at 3:15 a.m. Dec. 31, police said.It was unclear whether the victim was injured. There were neither any arrests nor descriptions of the suspects.Third Squad detectives are continuing the investigation.last_img read more

Creating a sales and service culture

first_imgA sales and service culture is an environment in which everybody at a financial institution is motivated and well-equipped to present products to borrowers that benefit them on an individual level. The institution moves beyond viewing its customers transactionally and encourages its employees to treat all product offerings as personalized opportunities to better serve the people they engage.Products Customers Actually NeedInstead of blindly offering customers the ‘product of the month,’ members of a sales and service culture recognize the importance of individual relationships at the point of sale. All stakeholders at the financial institution are involved in creating relationships, asking questions, finding out what’s important to the customers, and identifying what’s going on in their lives. This allows institutions to encourage their staff to be relationship-oriented instead of forcing them into a sales role, which is a critical distinction for many loan officers at financial institutions. When employees understand that they can offer education and products that benefit their customers in meaningful ways, they are more likely to offer them to everyone.Results Financial Institutions WantFinancial institutions are often reluctant to incorporate non-interest income products into their portfolios out of fear that becoming sales-oriented will drive borrowers away. However, when a sales and service culture becomes a top-down part of an institution’s DNA, offering additional products becomes part of that institution’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. Instead of viewing extended coverage products as one-size-fits-all solutions aimed at increasing revenue, financial institutions can tailor their offerings to the individual customer, which leads to improved relationships and increased revenue opportunities. In a true sales and service culture, offering products is the norm, not an anomaly—and neither the loan officers nor the customers are surprised by the open conversation about what products would benefit the borrower. continue reading » 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more